And this is our dilemma…

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Nanny McPhee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And this is our dilemma

We are sending Baby Girl to one of the best private schools in Port Elizabeth – we can’t afford it, but Hubby and I know that it is the best fit for her.  And it is a beautiful school.  So, that’s fine – we’re going to make a plan for the school fees and from next year, hubby will cover those costs.

I will continue to cover her Kindermusik, Ballet, Swimming etc.  And I think she should do gymnastics – she definitely has an aptitude for that (which she does not get from me).

However, and this is our dilemma

This school, as beautiful and as perfect a fit it is for Baby Girl doesn’t have holiday care.  So, I have been frantically searching and looking for a place to put Baby Girl during the school holidays next year.  However, I’m also considering getting a full-time nanny (which I will cover the costs of)  – I’ve listed some pros and cons below.  Why don’t you tell me what you think?

  • House always clean
  • Could get nanny to cook supper – less burden
  • Washing always done
  • Someone available to look after Baby Girl if she is ill during term
  • Baby girl has “down time” from schooling environment
  • Can have play dates at house – Baby Girl has friends over at her house (gets to know friends more intimately – builds relationships)
  • More personalized attention
  • Convenience
  • Baby Girl will stay in familiar surroundings
  • One-on-one care
  • Convenience – do not have to dress and pack up Baby Girl to transport her to holiday care (some down time for Mom too…J).
  • In an environment where baby girl is looked after (formal establishment)
  • All meals provided for
  • Stimulating environment
  • Reliable (won’t call in sick)
  • Kids socialize with other children of same or other age groups
  • Staff members are trained in early childhood education
  • You maintain your privacy.  You do not have to open up your home to anyone.
  • Trust
  • Must be trained to handle kids – one or more
  • Must go on first aid course – expense
  • Must be able to cook – make lunch, etc for baby girl (and friends coming over)
  • Should be able to stimulate baby girl
  • Playtime with other children must be specially arranged, either by you or the nanny
  • Can leave you in the lurch if she quits, becomes sick, or is otherwise unavailable
  • Finding the right nanny can be challenging.
  • Some families do not like the idea of having a “stranger” in their home all day.
  • Lack of Security: Everyone has heard the stories of abusive nannies.  Even though this is not the norm, many families feel the risk is just too high to trust someone with their child.
  • Back up care.  You will still need to arrange for back up care when nanny is sick or takes vacation time.
  • No friends
  • Strange environment
  • Guilt – don’t want baby girl to feel like she’s being “dumped” somewhere
  • If your work hours are longer than the standard hours of operation for the day care centre, you will need to arrange for drop off and/or pickup by either a family member or another childcare provider.

My “gut feel” is that we should get a full-time nanny – I think it is the best option.  However, affordability is always a concern.

The Baby Mama


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