She is shy…

Shyness (Photo credit: VinothChandar)

My Daughter is Shy

All of a sudden.  Out of the blue.  She has now decided she is shy.  On Sunday we go to a picnic at Settler’s Park – with friends that we know and have known for a while, in fact, friends that she is sees practically every Friday night – and as we arrived, she clung to her poor dad and tried to hide away.  Given that her height is, uh, how do I put this delicately – okay, I will just spit it out – she is at bum height and tries to nuzzle her way between our legs to hide away.

It is very embarrassing.

Especially when you walk into a restaurant and she screams and tries to hide away – between our legs.  She is four – this is awkward to say the least.

I think the best course of action is to quite simply not get annoyed – it will only instil her shyness or whatever anxiety she may be feeling.  I think we need to prepare her – before we go somewhere, explain to her where we are going, what she can expect to see there, who will be there and encourage her to not be shy.  I think that is the best route to go.  I want to instil confidence in her and if she knows what to expect, and how to handle the situation, then perhaps that will bolster her confidence and any insecurities she may be feeling.

We could say something like, “My sweetheart, when we go to the park, your friends will there, and all the mommies and daddies will be there and they will be sitting on blankets enjoying the warm sun and there is no reason to be shy.  You see Uncle So-So, and Aunty So-So every week and you know So-So from school, so all you have to do is walk up, say hello to everyone and run and play and have fun.”  Given that she is four, do you think this will work?

Then, of course, I read about Alexis Bledel who apparently was so shy, she was really battling at school and her parents signed her up for drama classes to help improve her confidence – and well, she’s now quite the famous actress.  But, Baby Girl is still too young for that.

She does come out of her shell when she “warms” up so to speak, but I want to teach her how to handle the situation properly from the word go – being an extremely shy person myself, this is not easy for me to do.  Because, now, at the age of 40, I still do not know how to handle those situations and I still feel uncomfortable.  She just does not know that yet, so hopefully I can teach her some easy methods on how to handle these situations until she gets the hang of it.

Me?  I rely on my hubby.  If he is there, I am okay…

The Baby Mama

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