What an awesome weekend!!!

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What an awesome weekend.


Baby Girl, Hubby and I had an amazing long weekend – thank you, Youth Day.  For a quick run down – on Friday night, we went to the new Spur at Fig Tree.  Wow – they have built a play area consisting of three levels, which Baby Girl and her friend just loved (including the Spider Man figurine hanging from one of the nets – they tried to hook his foot and pull him down.  Thankfully, they did not succeed).


Just a twinge of what shall we call it – guilt?  Envy?  Blatantly green jealousy?  I saw a woman sit at the table just diagonal from us, who reminded me so much of me.  What she wore, how she did her hair, etc, except she had two kids and was as skinny as I was before I fell pregnant.  Now, I’m just large – not huge, but rather large.  And I felt a bit sad that I picked up this whole issue regarding anxiety and eating, and that I have allowed myself to get so out of shape.  There is absolutely no reason why I cannot be my former pre-pregnancy weight.  So, that did make me feel a little sad, but in my defence – I am going to Curves as often during the week as I can (which means at least three times a week) and I walk around St George’s Park (about 2.7 kilometres) as often as I can (which also means at least three times as a week) during my lunch breaks at work.  So, I am working on this.  It is just such hard work.  But, it is beneficial work and I am enjoying my workouts.  Seriously, I am thoroughly enjoying them.


Then on Saturday morning, friends of ours and ourselves took the kids to the hangar behind the airport in Port Elizabeth where they have this coolest little airport museum.  The kids loved it.  They all got to sit in real helicopters and planes and pretend to fly and shoot guns and had a ball.  In fact, we couldn’t get them out of there.  That was followed by a quick-lunch at McDonald’s, and then hubby and I went out for dinner at his Masters and Ladies Cycle Club awards evening.  Yes, my hubby came third in his age group – I am very proud of him.  He, of course, doesn’t think it is much of an achievement, but he does have very high standards.


On Sunday, we had a picnic with friends in Settle’s Valley.  What an awesome day.  In fact, it started to get so warm at one point; I had a vague thought of taking my jersey off.  Madam thoroughly enjoyed herself.  She is going through a very shy phase where she wants to hide away whenever we arrive at a place and I want to research on how to give her confidence and to help her through this.  I was extremely shy, I had no one to help me, and my shyness has just persisted into adulthood.  We will see what Google has to tell me on the subject…


Then, when we got home, I unpacked all Baby Girl’s cupboards – she has a birthday coming up and so I got rid of all broken or old toys and clothes and have donated it all to charity.  A whole carload full (I kid you not).  Then yesterday we went to Hopewell where hubby cycled as he is training for the Transbaviaans Race and Wine to Wales race, and Baby Girl cycled and played and I drank cappuccino.  That was followed by a luncheon and my Dad’s house to meet his new Beau, but it was lovely, as my brother and his wife and my niece and nephew (my other brother’s kids) were there as well.


So, all in all, what a stunning weekend.


The Baby Mama



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