It has been such a long time…

My Baby Girl (top) and My Baby Boy (bottom)
My Baby Girl (top) and My Baby Boy (bottom) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had almost given up blogging.  You see, I don’t consider myself to be a very prolific writer (or typist) and I battle to articulate my thoughts and ideas into words on paper.  Or, at least, that is what I tell myself.  The truth is I have been so caught up in life and work and being a wife and mommy, that I haven’t had time to blog.  But, lately I have been missing it and thought I would pick things up again.  That’s if I still have an audience.

Hello????  Anybody out there???

Anyway, this blog is about our dear little Baby Girl who is turning four soon.  I can’t believe it.  I remember a quote I heard when she was first-born – something that aided me through the long sleepless nights – “the days drag by, but the years fly by.”

And that quote has always stayed with me.  I don’t know how hubby and I made it through those early years of non-sleep, no support, lack of finances and not having a clue as to what we were actually doing (yup, parenting is 90% winging it, and 10% knowing what to do – I think I had to wing it 100% of the time), but I digress….

The years have flown and Baby Girl will be turning four at the end of June.  Being a totally and perfectly freezing winter, we have booked an indoor venue for her party and she will be having a Barbie themed party.  I’m not quite sure who is more excited – little Baby Girl or me.  What does it matter – I’m hoping to give her a fantastic party.

And she’s asked for Barbie’s for her birthday – thanks

And party decor – thanks

Don’t you just love online shopping.  Flip, I’m even doing my groceries online.  Yes, I hate shopping THAT much.

And she is growing up to be a beautiful little girl.  With gorgeous blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes.  And a wicked sense of humour.  I worry about her being an only child, but she is so happy and well-balanced, that I guess that makes my worry a bit of a moot point.

I can’t give any guarantees, but I will try blog more regularly.  I have really been missing it of late, but work and life has just gotten in the way.

The Baby Mama

One thought on “It has been such a long time…

  1. Good Morning, Baby Mama, Congrats on the graduation, I didn’t have any other way of contacting you so I will leave me info. But again salute to you and best wishes on your future endeavors.
    Q Minter


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