This has not been a good week.

English: A commuter cyclist in the London morn...
English: A commuter cyclist in the London morning rush hour, kitted out in specialist cycling gear (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In fact, it has been an awful week and I have only plucked up the courage to actually write about it.  If there are typo’s, grammar or spelling errors, I am sure you will understand.

On Sunday, while hubby was out cycling and baby girl and I were spending the morning together bonding (and we were having a lovely morning), I get a frantic call from the woman I work with (my boss has two P.A.’s working for him), that our boss was killed.  My boss, also an avid cyclist, was out doing the normal Sunday morning route that he and most other cyclists in Port Elizabeth do.  She said that he was out cycling and was knocked over by a car and killed.  I almost wanted to start laughing and I kept on thinking to myself, “why would someone phone me and tell me such an awful thing?”  I couldn’t comprehend that it was true.  In fact, I still can’t comprehend that it is true.

Anyway, I then phoned hubby while he was out cycling and he informed me that there was a huge accident, but he couldn’t see who it was.  The other P.A. then phoned me back to tell me it was in fact true.  This is the story – a whole group of cyclists went out on their usual  Sunday Morning route and my boss and a very close friend of his were part of the group.  While we are not sure exactly what happened, the friend saw this car coming on the wrong side of the road, dived out the way and shouted a warning to my boss, who did not (could not) have heard him.  The car hit my boss head-on, killing him instantly.

The driver of the vehicle was drunk (apparently twice over the legal limit) and driving on the wrong side of the road.  And then still tried to get away, but a security guard near Seaview (about 20 kilometers from the crash) saw the smashed car and stopped him, made a citizens arrest and then called the police.  Clearly, this security guard knew that something was wrong with this vehicle that was speeding and trying to get away.  Details are not clear on how he stopped the car, but the driver was so drunk when he got out, he apparently could not stand straight, but yet knew enough that he had knocked someone down as the first thing he said was, “Is he dead?

This whole week has felt like a weird dream.  On Monday, our phones did not stop ringing once.  The calls and support from clients has been amazing.  And I feel a bit weird.  He shouted so much and was such a demanding boss, and yet he was a good person.  His sole purpose in life was to service his clients – some of whom he has known for 40+ years.  And I and the other P.A. were merely vehicles to achieve that.  And yet there was a realness about him that made me feel more comfortable with him in the 18 months I worked for him than I ever felt in the 12 years I worked for my previous boss.  Says something, doesn’t it?  I knew where I stood and if I stuffed up or made a mistake, I got shouted at, but I know what was expected from me and I could deliver on that.  I hate the shouting and the demands, but it helped me up my game and deliver a much higher standard of work.  And he threw hissy-fits that would make my three-year old blush, but that was, somehow, just who he was.  But the man had a sharp sense of humour and there was a lot of laughter in this office.  And I had a lot of respect for him.  I enjoyed the fact that he was quite simply who he was – I knew who I was dealing with and how to handle him, no matter how demanding he was.

And then this idiot wears a t-shirt to his bail application that says, “cleverly disguised as a responsible person.”  Seriously?  This after drinking and driving?  Responsible?  Somehow I think not.

The think that irritates me the most is this debate that always occurs after a cyclist is killed – who has the right to use the road.  Really – like that is appropriate right now.  We all have the right to use the road.  What you don’t have is the right to drink and drive and then kill someone (could have been anyone – even a pedestrian, but just so happened to be my boss), because you are driving on the wrong side of the road.

The saddest thing for me is that my boss and his wife celebrated 42 years of marriage – and they were happily married.  How can someone just take that away from them?  It seems so unfair.

The Baby Mama


2 thoughts on “This has not been a good week.

    1. Now we’ve been told they can only guarantee our jobs for a year – but we mustn’t worry, we are still permanently employed. Huh????


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