And now I feel even more blessed…

Kinderbett / Crib
Kinderbett / Crib (Photo credit: only_point_five)

And now I feel even more blessed.

We received an e-mail this morning to say that one of our staff member’s baby died from SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  The baby was only two month’s old.  I cannot imagine what that poor mother must be going through.

Now, we have just heard that the family – the Dad works with me here – could not afford a cot and so the pushed two couches together and the mom slept on the one couch with the baby lying in the middle.  The couch had a certain pattern on it, and they’ve found this pattern ingrained in the baby’s face.  How awful – to have to live with that kind of regret.  She must have rolled over in her sleep.

And then I realised just how blessed hubby and I are – not only did we have family who made us a handmade cot (hubby’s brother and dad made the cot for us), but my mom bought us a pram, we had plenty of clothes given to us – we had such a support system in comparison to what this poor couple had.

The sad thing is that had the sent an e-mail around at work, I am quite sure someone who have had an old cot, or carry cot or something more suitable.

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