I forgot to tell you…

'Baby Mama' Filming in Park Slope: Craft Servi...
‘Baby Mama’ Filming in Park Slope: Craft Services Breakfast Table (Photo credit: Adam Kuban)


…pertaining to my earlier post, that I am also eating/drinking low GI (glycemic Index) wherever, whenever I can (not that I’ve noticed it making any difference at all).

…And I’m trying to drink as much H2O as I can.

…No sweets or chocolates, which isn’t such a big deal for me, but still.

And I’ve realised I have to stop thinking about food and eating, because the more I think about food and eating, the more hungry I’ll be, the more I’ll want to eat.  Before I fell pregnant, I never thought about food and didn’t eat as much.  Not that easy to do, but I have to get myself lost in whatever it is that I am doing.  Just a theory, but I do so hope I can put it into practice.

I really am trying so hard, but just seem to be failing miserably.  Perhaps I should try some chromium – I hear it is quite good in balancing blood sugar.

Urgh, so not happy with myself right now.

The Baby Mama

Will eat for food


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