In a nut shell…

Toyota Hilux VI
Toyota Hilux VI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a nut shell – this has been my day:

  • Really bad night with Baby Girl – she is complaining about her tummy being sore, her tongue being sore and her ears are sore.  She’s not really eating at the moment, so we’re off to the doctor at 16:00.  Yay.
  • Hubby and I got very little sleep last night and so we are tired, frustrated and obviously very worried about our little Baby Girl (our one and only).
  • Then, it was the usual rush to get out of the house to leave on time (which I never manage to do), but we get in the car and I realise I’ve forgotten my jacket – and it is cold.  AS in snow cold.  And I have no jacket.  But, we’re running late, so I just leave it.  There is no time to now go back inside the house.
  • And so, as my day continues, I am waiting to turn in by the school, with my indicator on, while another car (a huge Hilux 4×4 double cab) reverses out.
  • Right on top of me.
  • Yes, you read correctly – the driver, who turns out to be a very sweet and most apologetic lady – reversed her car right on top of my car.  I got such a fright and my first thought was how do I get Baby Girl out the car.  I hooted frantically (and said one or two not so nice words) and she then realised what she had done and drove forward and I moved into another empty space.
  • I was shaking so much (and not from the cold), I could barely phone hubby to come and help me.  Fortunately, Baby Girl didn’t get too much of a fright and she sat quietly in the car – one of the other moms who was very helpful and kind took Baby Girl inside to the school and then brought some water out for me.
  • Then off to Walmer Police Station to get a case number and fill out insurance forms and then arrive at work late – with a mountain of paper work waiting for me (the only reason why I’m blogging this now, is cause my head is so tired I actually cannot concentrate on figures and stuff anymore – I need a break…)
  • So, I’m about to leave in an hour to collect Baby Girl and pick up hubby at home and then off to the doctor.  I really hope he can sort Baby Girl out and I hope she gets some decent sleep tonight and that Hubby and I can get some decent sleep tonight.
  • And then my other poor baby – my Honda Jazz – has to be cared for as well.
  • I’m a bit heartsore that she is so pranged up.
  • And on top of it, I owe the tax man just over R 3 500 (because of the stint my previous boss pulled).
  • And so life goes on…

The Baby Mama

One thought on “In a nut shell…

  1. Oh my word! So sorry to hear about all the, well, everything. Hugs to you and yours and you know where to shout if you need help or just to scream at someone.


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