Move over Christian Grey…

A cross country mountain bike race.
A cross country mountain bike race. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My husband is looking seriously hot.

My friend told me not to worry about what my hubby eats, as men have some weird metabolism (referring to my earlier post).

But here’s the thing, I eat more than what he does.  And while I am not looking so great at the moment, my hubby is looking decidedly hot.

Seriously… My hubby is slim, toned, and looking really great.  He looks after himself so well and the most amazing thing is that when my hubby set’s his mind to doing something, he does it.  For example, he has done the Iron Man.  He wanted to do it, he put the effort in and he did it.  Now he is training for the Transbaviaans race – this is a 24 hour mountain bike race through the Baviaanskloof, in freezing cold conditions, and this year, because of all the rain, things will probably be very wet and even colder.  And yet, he will do it.  And he doesn’t allow himself to think about things that cause him anxiety – he focuses on what he needs to do.  He really is an amazing person – in every way.

Me?  I can’t commit to anything – I fill myself with doubt and can never put my mind to anything.  Not like my hubby can.  I want to lose weight.  I’m scared to lose weight.  I want to put on weight.  No, I’m quite determined, I want to lose weight.  Am I eating enough?  Get my point?  I really wish I could push all this self-doubt aside and just focus on what I need to achieve – to be fit and healthy.

But my hubby really is looking quite good at the moment – like I said, move over Christian Grey… Fifty Shades of Grey (Yes, I am busy reading the second book in the installment – not the best writing, but huh, interesting none-the-less…)

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