First the hysterics, then the diet…

Joseph Barbera first worked at MGM, as one of ...
Joseph Barbera first worked at MGM, as one of the directors of the Tom and Jerry shorts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Baby Girl had us all in hysterics last night.  I was crying with laughter so much, I had to stop just so I could breath.  Seriously, first, please remember that Baby Girl has just turned three.  So, last night, my mom and I sit down to supper with Baby Girl (Hubby was out cycling), and I ask Baby Girl to say grace.  She holds my hand, and holds her Granny‘s hand, lowers her head, closes her eyes and says, “Lord, please make my an instrument of your peace.  Amen.”  I didn’t realise they’d be studying St. Francis of Assisi at school at her tender age.  But, both my mom and I were seriously giggling.

So the mood was jovial with lots of laughter.  And out of the blue, she starts to sing, “I like to move it, move it.”  I’m not sure where she got that from, but I take Hubby’s iPad and do a search for the song and eventually find it to play to her.  Both Baby Girl and Granny are dancing and as I have the rhythm of a dead toad, my excuse was that I needed to hold the i-Pad (seriously, the rhythm is sorely lacking…:-().  So, when she has finished her little dance, she comes over to look and sees Tom and Jerry advertised in the corner, and getting all excited shouts, “I want to see Tohm and Jelly”.  Needless to say, both my mom and I almost collapsed into gales of laughter.  Baby Girl laughed with and when I could catch my breath, I was able to correct her.  She has a good sense of humour so took it quite well.

It was very, very funny.  I’m still having giggles about it now!

Anyway, look out for post 2 – the dreaded four letter word, “diet”.

The Baby Mama


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