Wow, Baby Girl is 3! (And some other stuff!)

English: A German Shepherd dog Polski: Owczare...
English: A German Shepherd dog Polski: Owczarek niemiecki (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • And she is so adorable at the moment.  Of course, yes, I am her mommy and of course I will say that, but she seriously is.
  • Last Saturday she helped me bake Barney cupcakes.  She was as good as gold and did a sterling job.  They were so nice that Hubby and I polished them off very quickly (she did have one or two, but opted just to eat the icing and left the rest of the cake).  Seriously.  Who would have thought that green and purple cupcakes could be so delicious.
  • Yes, I am still battling to get my weight down.  Who would have thought that skinny old me would battle like this.
  • I can’t believe Baby Girl is turning 3 on Tuesday.  It blows my mind how quickly time has gone.
  • She is now fully potty trained – except for at night, when she still wears nappies.  And on the weekend, when I allow her to nap a bit longer during the day (only so that I can get some sleep too).
  • This winter has been decidedly cold.
  • I really need to blog more – I do so enjoy it, but time sometimes is seriously lacking and when I get home at night the last thing I want to do is continue looking at a computer screen (although it seems  a TV screen will do).
  • I miss hubby and my conversation – we seldom find time these days to really talk.  We’re so busy and so tired, that watch TV and sleeping is all we really have time for.
  • I miss my big German Shepherd – I would love to hug him and have him lie at my feet.
  • This job is hard, its difficult and it’s totally new to me – and I make a lot of mistakes every day.  But I am enjoying it.  I am learning and its preventing me from getting into some sort of rut that ain’t healthy.
  • I wish hubby and I had more money to do all the things in life we want to do – like set a foot on each continent.
  • I enter the lotto on occasion – just hoping that perhaps maybe this will be my day.
  • I pray protection over my marriage and my family almost every day!  Okay, most days!
  • My mom is helping with Baby Girl more and more, which has been wonderful – even suggesting Baby Girl sleep there one night.  Lovely stuff.
  • And this is my last comment – for today.  I will try be back again soon!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Wow, Baby Girl is 3! (And some other stuff!)

  1. Glad to see a blog post again. I know how you feel though .. when I get home I would really rather just not do anything than do anything at all (if that makes sense).

    Can’t believe Baby Girl is so grown up already!


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