Saying Grace…

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Saying Grace

Last night was a beautiful evening in Port Elizabeth.  Seriously.  It was warm and not a breathe of wind.  Okay, this is Port Elizabeth – the wind was blowing slightly, but not enough to keep us indoors.  So, my mom joined us for supper – as she always does on a Tuesday and we decided to eat outside.  Seriously, the weather is that beautiful.

Anyway, Hubby made a braai and cooked the most delicious chicken – soft, moist and very tender.  No one can cook chicken quite like my hubby.  It was divine.

Anyway, as we sit down to supper – outside – Baby Girl looks at all of us and says, “Let’s hold hands, everyone and let’s say grace.”  Which we duly did.

And then she started singing, “Thank you, Father, for the food.” (to the tune of Frere Jacques…)  So, now I think we may be saying grace when we eat a little more often.  Pretty bad when your toddler shows you up for not doing something that you should be doing.  But, it really was so cute.

Hubby apparently asked the carers at school yesterday who she plays with during the day.  The answer?  She prefers playing with the boys – hmmm.  Go figure.  I also preferred playing with the boys growing up and when I see how some of the girls turned out, I wonder if I didn’t have some sort of premonition that drew me to playing with the boys instead.  Nasty, I know, but a woman in my class at school became a granny on the weekend.  No, not a mom, A GRANNY.  Whoa, seriously – that’s caught me totally off guard.  Way too young to be considered a Granny.

And also when he picked her up, one of the other little girls came up to him to say hello.  Baby Girl looked at her and shouted, “No, my daddy.”  And the other little girl said, “I don’t like you, Baby Girl, you’re not my friend.”  Baby Girl is very protective of both her mommy and her daddy.

And that’s my news for today.  Wow – two blog posts in two days.  Whew – happy days.

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