Shall I blog quickly?

Aristea capitata #1
Aristea capitata #1 (Photo credit: J.G. in S.F.)

Shall I blog quickly?

My boss is out of town – on his way back to the office as we speak, and I have pretty much caught up with all my work.  Or so I think.  I am sure he will find something to shout at me about that I have done and should have done, but didn’t know I had to do.  Or something like that.

I wish you all could see how cute Baby Girl is.  Her Dad and I are often just laughing and enjoying her.  She comes up with the funniest little sayings – everything is in three’s: a Daddy, a Mommy and a baby.  So, she’ll have a three sweets – one sweet will be a Daddy sweet, the other a Mommy sweet and third will be a baby sweet.

We’re busy potty training and now nappies are only for sleep time.  So, far – barring an accident or two – it is all going well.  The next task I want to deal with is getting rid of that dummy and taggy.  Which I am dreading, because she is very attached to her dummy and taggy.  I must say though, she only gets her dummy and taggy when she is lying on her bed – so when she naps on the weekend and in the evening (she doesn’t take it to school).  So, our clever little girl now goes to lie down on her bed – just rustig – so she can have her dummy and taggy.  Hmmm.  We will need to get rid of that sooner rather than later.  But, we will get the potty training thing sorted out first of all.

Also, she can count to ten in English and Afrikaans, and say the months of the year – in order – from January to December in English and Afrikaans.  Both her Dad and I are very proud of our little girl.

I think, though, that before we deal with taking away the dummy and taggy, we have to deal with how she wakes up in the morning.  Look, I am no morning person – by no means.  But, she does morning grumpiness right down pretty well.  And for some reason she wakes up crying, “Mommy, put that clip back in your hair,” (i.e. I must tie my hair up).  Not sure why this is such an issue for her, but I want to teach her to wake up happy and laughing.  Enjoy the day.  Carpe dium.  You catch my drift.

But, she is growing into a beautiful little girl with a wicked sense of humour and both her Dad and I are thoroughly enjoying her.  I think more so her Dad as she is growing bigger.  She is very demanding though – I get, “Mommy, I want toastie – no marmite, just butter and cut the crusts off.  And I want milky.  In the microwave.  And I want some yummies, with my sweetie.”  All in one breathe.  It makes us laugh.

Anyway, best I prepare for my boss’s arrival – there is a big meeting on this evening and when he comes in its going to be blazingly busy while we prepare for this meeting.  So, best I enjoy this calm before the storm.

The Baby Mama


One thought on “Shall I blog quickly?

  1. I can hardly believe this is the same little girl that just yesterday (yesterday I tell you) was a teeny tiny little baby. Wow she’s growing up quick and sounds so cute.


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