Come on, Summer, Come on, come on…

Cover of "Learn to Swim (Dk Childcare)"
Cover of Learn to Swim (Dk Childcare)

What a stunning day.  And yesterday was just as beautiful.  We played and ran and played and laughed and had a glorious evening.  I can’t wait for summer to come proper (yes, while the rest of the country is having temperatures of 32, 26 and 38 – little old Port Elizabeth has been having temperatures of 16, 18 and 20.)  Now, today its 25 and not a breath of wind.  How gorgeous.  I think Baby Girl and I will make the most of a gorgeous evening.  Stunning.

We take Baby Girl to swimming every Saturday – it is very important she learn to swim for her own safety (and possibly mine too).  But, more importantly, it gives her confidence in her body and what she can do.  For example, she has learnt she came “monkey walk” from the one side of the pool, right through to the other side until she feels the steps under her feet (monkey walking is holding onto the side of the pool and “walking” with your hands until you get to where you can stand).   Our problem is teaching Baby Girl how to climb out of the pool.  She puts her feel against the wall, straightens her legs and then her bum sticks out in the air and she can’t climb out like that.  Now, we’ve got to teach her to become a climber and show her how to climb out the pool.  It really is all for her safety – but also, teaching her what her body can achieve and what she can achieve is so important.

And I’m trying to teach her to wake up “happy and laughing”, which is way better than the miserable, crying little girl she usually wakes up as.  And I can ask her at any time – how must you wake up?  Happy and laughing, she’ll say.  And she is waking up better – some days are not so good, some days are much better.  But, I figure if I can get that thought in her head that she must wake up “happy and laughing” and seize the day, then all the better for her.  But, I can’t really talk – I have always hated waking up.  Sleeping nice and cozy next to someone you love is way better than waking up and having to face work and a hectic day. 🙂

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