Snail Poop

Cover of "Snail (Usborne Cloth Books)"
Cover of Snail (Usborne Cloth Books)

Snail Poop Oh. My. Word.

So, we’re sitting outside – having supper. It was one of those beautiful days in Port Elizabeth where it was hot (I think the high that day was 36°) and not a breath of wind. So, we’re sitting outside, enjoying a wonderful evening and lo and behold, little (well, not so little anymore) Baby Girl walks up to a pillar in our backyard where a snail has just dropped a turd, and very politely picks up said turd and puts it in her mouth.

You have never seen a mom (me) jump up so quickly and grab her child and rush her to the bathroom where I rinsed her mouth and brushed her teeth. And then brushed them again when I bathed her.

I mean SERIOUSLY!   Ew.

The Baby Mama

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