Such in the irony of life….

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It is early but already I am running late – but I just have to blog.  Albeit it very quickly.  I just find life rather ironic – me, who used to sleep until 10:00 (possibly even 11:00) on weekends, and wake up at the very last possible moment before having to get up for work, now wakes up at before 05:00 without an alarm clock.  Seriously.

Me, who used to be taunted and teased for being too skinny, now I am battling to lose weight – never mind gaining weight.

Me, who swore blind I would never have children, loves my little Baby Girl so much I can’t ever imagine the time I didn’t want to have children.

Me, who thought I’d leave Port Elizabeth the first opportunity I got, is still living here and liking it.

Me, who didn’t dare to dream of marrying the most wonderful man, has done exactly that.  And I feel blessed each and every day.

How ironic is life?  Makes life exciting and you keep wondering what lies around the next corner.

And on that note – I must now get ready for work.  Urgh.

The Baby Mama

P.S.  I’m going to e-mail all your blog links to work, so when I get a chance I can keep up-to-date on all your blogs.


5 thoughts on “Such in the irony of life….

  1. We lived in PE when I was in primary school ( Sunridge Park ). We had to move in 1979 due to my dad’s work change. I still miss living there!
    Yes, life takes us where we never thought we’d end up. I always said “I’ll NEVER marry a farmer or a policeman”. And ended up marrying the …….farmer! 🙂


  2. Life has a way of taking your best laid plans and changing them completely.

    That just reminded me of the Eddie Izzard skit where he talks of the best laid plans of mice and men 🙂


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