The Corn Kernel

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Well, let me tell you about our wonderful week last week. (Yes, I am blogging, and yes I am going to make a concerted effort not to lose my blogging abilities…).  Well, it all started last Saturday – hubby made a little braai and we had lamb chops and some chicken and mielies.  Good old mielies – with some sweet chili sauce, which was rather yummy.  So, we sit down to watch the rugby – yes THAT rugby match that led to a victory for South Africa for the first time in how many years when our darling Baby Girl stuck a corn kernel up her nose.  Fortunately for the sweet chili sauce and her going eina, eina otherwise we would never have known it was there.  So, we press pause on the rugby and try to get the corn kernel out her nose.  Seriously, not an easy feat.  Eventually, I bath her in the hope that splashing in the water will dislodge said kernel.  Alas, not.  So we can see the kernel in her nose – but we can’t get it out.  I eventually say to hubby to phone the emergency rooms and perhaps they can tell us how to get it out – thinking they would say to us, “Don’t worry, it’ll dislodge itself” or “you’re being paranoid parents, it’ll come out on its own” but alas, what they did say was that it had to come out immediately and we must bring her in.  Anyway, to cut a long story short – FOUR HOURS LATER, we get to leave the emergency rooms with said kernel still stuck in her nose.  The whole experience was quite traumatic – they wrapped her up in a blanket to keep her arms still, while the sister held her head and the doctor scratched in her nose. So, on Sunday morning we go to the ENT and he takes a look. He can see the kernel, but it is now so far up her nose that he says she has to go under aneasthetic to have it removed. Oh, how wonderful (sarcasm). Fortunately, she was due for grommets, adenoid removal, sinus cleanse, etc this Wednesday so we moved it to last week Wednesday, because she – apparently – can’t live with a corn kernel in her nose for a week. Oh, yes, this corn kernel had to come out.

So, up early on Wednesday – keeping her nil per mouth – and off to the hospital we go. Fortunately, they did her first because let me tell you – keeping a toddler at nil per mouth is no easy feat (although apparently easier than getting a corn kernel out said toddler’s nose). Anyway, they allow me into the theatre while they put her under – I cried. It’s not easy seeing your Baby Girl helpless, just lying there. So, I go back to where hubby is waiting and they’re doing the op. I was also nil-per-mouth (you can’t eat your toast when your little one can’t have anything and is too young to understand what is going on). Anyway, I think that cup of tea I had at that point was seriously the nicest cup of tea I have EVER had. Hubby had coffee. So, as the op is nearing to an end, I walk through to check what is going on and they’ve wheeled her to the recovery room, and I can hear her crying for me, but for some reason they won’t let me through. They’ll let me into the theatre which is a clinical environment in my takkies and jeans, but I can’t go through to the recovery room – seriously NOT IMPRESSED.

So, after what felt like ages, they eventually bring her through – and she just clung to me for dear life. They won’t let them leave until they’ve something to eat or drink or they’ve been there for two hours – just to check for any reactions to the aneasthetic, etc. She first slept in my arms for about an hour then gulped down two bottles and we could go home. I was exhausted by the time we got home – and fell asleep on the couch while I had the TV on for her. She climbed on top of me and fell asleep on top of me.

And after all that – THEY COULDN’T FIND THE STUPID KERNEL. I kid you not. It must have … wait for it … worked its way through on its own. SERIOUSLY! Anyway, she is fine now – still reacting to the pain medication, but on the mend!


 The Baby Mama


2 thoughts on “The Corn Kernel

  1. Oh my. Poor little Baby Girl. I’m glad she’s okay and said corn kernel is gone. Of course the kernel would work it’s way out on its own. It’s just how Murphy works.

    So sorry you had to go through the whole ordeal. It must be devastating to see your little one like that.

    *hugs for you both*


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