Common variety snail
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I so have to share this with you.  Baby  Girl, who will be turning two in two weeks time and how has an excellent vocabulary for her age, has discovered snails.  Little old Port Elizabeth has had a lot of rain of late (and yes, it is freaking freezing) and the snails have come out.  So my hubby shows her a snail on the wall outside and she shouts loudly, “Snail“.  And she laughs and giggles with pure delight and jumps up and down shouting, “Snaaaillllll”.  And it suddenly occurred to me that this was so wonderful – here was my two-year old little daughter thoroughly enjoying discovering a snail and shrieking with absolute delight.  Isn’t that how life is meant to be lived????

The Baby Mama


3 thoughts on “Snaaaiiiillll…!!!!!!

  1. Totally! I love that!
    You know, it makes me think of this one time when my sister and I were kids. I musta been in grade 3 or so? My dad had always told us how snails carried their houses on their backs and the one day he actually caught a few snails and he secretly and painstakingly painted doors and windows onto their shells before putting them on the stoep and calling us to come and see the snails he’d “found” in the garden!


    1. I love this story. It is so cute and I am so glad you’ve got that happy memory of your dad. That is my goal with Baby Girl – to create as many happy memories for her as possible.


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