And so my day begins…

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Let me just start my saying that I hate my job.  Like totally.  So, we’re supposed to have an assessment of how things are going.  All fine and well until I take my cup of coffee into the “meeting” and when I ask the person doing the assessment if she doesn’t want a cup of coffee, I get told, “this is a meeting, we’re not there to chat!”  Yes, seriously.

Then I get told that I must stop eating at my desk.  Apparently the partner I work for hates the smell of food or seeing food at the desks.  All fine and well, but firstly lunch is only at 13:00.  There is no way I can go from having breakfast at 05:30 to lunch at 13:00.  I need something in between.  And we don’t get tea breaks, we’re not allowed to leave our desks.  Yes, that is my work situation.  At my age, I need to ask permission to eat and what I can eat, to go to the loo, etc.  This is seriously ridiculous.

I have never in my life heard of the fact that you can’t eat during the day – especially when you don’t get any designated times for tea breaks.  Or that you have to ask permission to go to the loo.  Especially when you’re not in retail or having to keep an eye on an open shop – this is an admin office for pete’s sake.  And I have never heard of a meeting where you can’t have a cup of coffee!!!!!

Sorry – I just had to let off some steam.  My days are long, busy and hectic.  And I now all this crap on top of it.  Urgh.  I have applied for another job and I hope and pray that it comes through.  I don’t think this is the right fit for me!

As for Baby Girl, she is gorgeous and beautiful and the light of my life (along with her Daddy).

So evenings and weekends are good!

The Baby Mama


5 thoughts on “And so my day begins…

  1. So what did you tell them? Are they going to implement scheduled tea-breaks and such now? As far as I know you are entitled to two tea-breaks and a lunch-break every day…


    1. I told them its a toss up of me passing out or eating. So I eat. I am discreet and sit quietly and eat, but I do eat. Please take note though that the person who told me this eats THE WHOLE DAY. But for some reason I can’t…


  2. How lovely :-/

    What if you keep some snacks in your drawer – like biscuits or rice crackers etc that you can sneak in?

    Sorry it sucks – I can totally relate to hating where you work 😦


  3. Ah dearest friend I’m so sorry that what was meant to be a lifesaver has turned into … well … this! I know I don’t need to remind you of your rights in terms of the BCEA but alas, knowing your rights and having the time and money to act thereon isn’t always possible.

    I hope and pray you get the new job. And I hope and pray it is awesome. And I really really hope we can chat then. I do so miss opening up Skype and being able to chat about random things all day.


    1. Thank you my friend. I so miss Skype and G-Talk too. I used to log on in the morning’s to check the weather – literally for five seconds, and I’ve now been “cut off”. Yeah, seriously….

      Anyway, at least we get to catch up every now and then.


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