The wonderful world of Baby Girl

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The wonders of Baby Girl

Seriously, I wish you could all see how absolutely adorable she is.  Bearing in mind that she’s not even two yet, on Sunday she told me she’s going to Cape Town.  So, I say okay, and how are you going to get there?  In an “aeloplan” mommy, she says.  So, I’m like okay, my kid is going to Cape Town in an airplane – I wonder if her Dad and I will be allowed to go with, or if she’s planning on going on her own.  Anyway, she then tells me she’s going “tomollow”.  But (it gets better) – after I take her to Pick ‘n Pay.  I kid you not.  This kid is going to love shopping and hate sleeping – all because I hate shopping and love sleeping.  Huh.

Last night she kisses my leg.  Very weird, so I wait to see what she is doing.  She’s kissing all my eina’s better – my freckles.  Seriously – how cute is that?  And then tells her dad and I that Uncle Barry next door is sleeping (all our neighbour’s lights were off).

She’s going up to the big class at school.  She’s growing up so quickly – way too quickly.  But her Dad and I are so enjoying her development at the moment.  She is learning at the rate of knots and parrot talks everything we say.  But, the absolute best has got to be her saying “I wuf you, mommy”.  Oh, man, talk about your heart melting.

She is such a wonderful, amazing little girl – and I want to keep her small and precious like this forever, and at the same time I find myself looking forward to the type of person she will be one day.  Because I just know she’s going to be someone amazing.  And special.  And who will do wonderful things with her life.

I suppose all mommies think that.

The Baby Mama


3 thoughts on “The wonderful world of Baby Girl

  1. I may be a little bit biased here but I think your little girl is going to grow into a beautiful person too.

    She’s so cute … going to Cape Town. Just like that.


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