Blackberry, people…

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Seriously, I do not know why I waited so long.  I ported my number from Cell C to Autopage (still with the Cell C network) and have now finally been connected on my Blackberry Curve 9300.  It is so cool.  Not only do I get to surf the web whenever I want to for no additional charge, but I can get my e-mails (why cool when I’m sitting in a job that doesn’t allow any Internet access – so no Skype, or G-Talk or anything like that) and I can BBM (Blackberry Messenger) for free.  I am so stoked, because now at least, when I have a five-minute gap in my day, I can check my e-mails and catch up with friends.  Look, my days are so busy these days that I doubt that will be a possibility, but I do get lunch… 🙂

And I tend to SMS hubby a lot, so now I can BBM him for free.   All this for a mere R179  a month and a 100 free off time talk minutes.

Woo hoo – I am majorly stoked.

And no,  neither Blackberry, Autopage or Cell C has paid me for this… 🙂

The Baby Mama


3 thoughts on “Blackberry, people…

    1. This is my lifesaver, because although I can’t blog – I can check my e-mails and BBM my hubby and friends. I can connect while at Satan’s lair. Its lovely.


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