This year I turn 38…

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… yeah, I know age is just a number, but it is still a pretty big number.  But, it got me thinking, where was I, what was a doing in all the “8” years of my life.

Well, my first 8 – like when I actually turned 8, Lady Diana and Prince Charles got married.  Ironic isn’t it, that 20 years later her son is getting married and a new Princess will grace our lives.  I remember that day so clearly – sitting in Mrs. van der Spuy’s classroom and watching the royal wedding.  Honestly, it feels like yesterday.  Obviously I had dreams of one day becoming a princess, but looking at her life, I’m rather glad I didn’t.

And when I was 18 – well, I matriculated.  Woo hoo – leaving 12 years of not very nice time at school.  I was teased daily and really didn’t fit into the school environment, so I was quite glad to be leaving.

And when I was 28, well, September 11th happened.  Whew – I can still remember so clearly watching a reporter breakdown when the second plane hit the second tower.  It still feels like a movie when I watch it – like some really amazing special effects.  And although the following year in 2002 (I was still 28 though), Hubby and I took our first Contiki tour overseas.  And loved it.  And have been wanting to go again ever since.  We still live in hope, although it is now 10 years later

And this year – well, I’ve started a new job.  Which so far I am hating, but it does take time to settle in to a new place, new routine, new everything.  The job has definitely affected Baby Girl and she is more weepy at school and “ma-vas” like you have no idea.  Working for hubby was so great, because it afforded me the flexi-time needed to attend to Baby Girl as she needed.  Alas, it just couldn’t afford me.

So, well, let’s see what happens in another 10 years…

The Baby Mama


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