The million dollar question….

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I have alluded to this question before, but now I think I need to tackle this head on.  Often, when I am grappling with something, just writing down my thoughts gives me the answer that I am looking for.  And here it is – why is it that both my brothers and I are struggling financially?  That none of us are financially successful in our own rights (by financially successful I mean having a decent paying job that affords us the luxury of living slightly above hand-to-mouth from month to month – not a very high-definition, is it?)

My older brother who lives in Durban has been unemployed for about six months to a year now.  I don’t know how hard he has been looking for work, but to be without employment for such a long period of time would be very frustrating for me.  His third wife was the breadwinner until this point, but she now has also been retrenched.  However, she is an accountant, and I’m sure she won’t battle to find work.  My younger brother has probably been the most fortunate, and has the most success financially, but has battled to break out of the retail mode.  His new wife is doing exceptionally well, though.

And then there is me.

And when I look at hubby’s family – hubby is going to be amazingly successful.  I see it, know it, feel it, believe it when I look at him.  And his sister and brother are both successful – in fact, his sister and her husband probably bring home between R60 to R80k a month TAKE HOME PAY.

So, my question is this: what is it about my family or the way we were raised that has brought about such a hindrance to financial success?  There are so many areas that I can touch on but nothing quite fully explains the why.  For example, my mother was and still is a total spendaholic that my dad had to bail her out of financial debt on store credit cards a number of times.  And I’m not talking small amounts either, I’m talking R20k per store card and then she’d have six or seven of them.  Or perhaps the fact that my Dad never spoke about money.  Ever.  Or that we were never given pocket-money.  Or that we never had a savings or bank account growing up – I actually can’t remember what happened to birthday or Christmas money that we received.

I’m not sure, but what are the odds that all three children don’t have any financial success or freedom to speak of?  You’d expect at least one of us to be rolling in the dough (I raise my hand for that job :-)…

Hmm, food for thought…

The Baby Mama

2 thoughts on “The million dollar question….

  1. Working with money is really really hard!

    My dad is exceptionally good with money and emphasises to us many times to stay out of debt and for the most part both my brother and I have done this. I believe it is the key to having money – regardless of your salary!


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