It was lovely to use and abuse…

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Yes, it was.  On the 18th I blogged about how hubby’s parents were going to come stay with us for the weekend and I was at home frantically cleaning the place before they arrived.  You can read all about it here.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, hubby chatted to his parents about how we need some time out and some time together as a couple just to have fun and chat and whatever, and his parents were more than up for the challenge.  Not only did they buy us a new ironing board (our old one was less than savoury to say the least), they were absolutely tremendous with Baby Girl.  They arrived on Friday and on Friday night they just spent time with Baby Girl, getting to know her again.  Then on Saturday night, hubby and I went to watch Little Red Riding Hood.  It was fabulous.  But my, its been so long since we’ve been to the movies, I almost choked when I saw the prices – R58 for two small fruit juices and a small chocolate.  Seriously people – that’s way outta line.  But, let’s hope the Consumer Protection Act will sort that out for us.

Then on Sunday night was our monthly wine club, and we could go to that.  And the weather was so amazing that we sat outside the whole evening – not a breath of wind (as you read that, please bear in mind that we live in Port Elizabeth where the wind blows 98% of the time.  So, it is a rare and wonderful treat to be sitting outside till 23:00 at night without a breath of wind.  It was wonderful.)  So, we got to enjoy that.  Then on Monday night we had my mom and her husband around to meet up with hubby’s parents, and hubby did a stunning roast on the Weber.  Delicious.

And on Tuesday night we were able to go out for dinner with some friends.  It was amazing.  And Hubby’s parents didn’t mind at all – and when on Sunday night Baby Girl cried for us when we left for wine club, they didn’t phone.  They just dealt with it.  And she is so close to hubby’s mom – it’s really good to see.  It hurts me a little that she prefers hubby’s mom who lives in Cape Town, but my own mom who lives just down the road, she doesn’t want anything to do with, but I can understand that.  My mom doesn’t exactly want anything to do with her, and kids can sense falseness a mile off.  Anyway, let’s not go there, because the weekend was amazing and hubby and I got to spend some much-needed time together.

Actually, they could pretty much come visit any time…:-)

The Baby Mama

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