Guess where I am?

weekend creative : butterfly mobile
Image by ali edwards via Flickr

Yeah, I am at home.  Preparing myself for the long weekend.  Hubby’s parents are coming to stay for the weekend and in the absence of a nanny and working full-time, I’ve come home early to not only blog, but also to clean the house, remake their bed, clean their bathroom, etc, etc, etc.  And it is a European day (you didn’t think I’d let that slip by, did you?) in P.E.  Overcast and ever so slightly cool.  It’s quite sad actually, this is my favourite time of year and I can see it flying by ever so quickly and the morning’s are darker now when I get up and its darker earlier in the evenings.  Yeah, winter is finally coming.  But, we’ve had a good summer, albeit a very dry one.  So, hubby’s parents who live in Cape Town, came through on Monday and then went to East London to visit hubby’s Granny who is almost 98 years old.  And now they’re on their way back from East London to spend the weekend with us before returning to Cape Town on Tuesday.  They last saw Baby Girl when we went there over Christmas and although I don’t see it, they say that Baby Girl has grown up so much in the last three months.

She really is so very cute at the moment.  Last night I was saying to Hubby that she often uses both hands when drawing at school, so she may be ambidextrous.  Next thing, we hear this little voice saying “ambidextrous”.  Although she didn’t get it quite right, we could definitely hear her trying to say it.  Quite a big word for a 20 month old Toddler.

We now eat dinner at 17:30 – a little early for hubby & I, but we get to sit down and eat together as a family.  And she is very good and feeds herself so really well.  It’s amazing to see her grow and learn and to be so aware of how we act and what we say because she absorbs everything like a sponge.  Like the time hubby accidentally said, “Oh, F**k” when he dropped a brick on his toe.  Next thing, Baby Girl is saying the same thing.  And I’m like, oh, you want to see a froggie.  Let’s go find the froggie.  Fortunately, she forgot about it very quickly, but we’re far more careful about that kind of thing now.

Anyway, the house is clean, I’ve had lunch, so I think I need to get ready to fetch Baby Girl from school.

Have a beautiful weekend, all of you.

The Baby Mama

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