This is my favourite thing…

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Yes, you’ve all heard (read?) this plenty of times before – I am having my car bathed.  And you know what that means?  Yes, of course you do.  It means I get to sit at the Roast Master Cafe and drink coffee and pretend I’m in Europe with hubby.  I just love it.  Of course, when they are finished with my car, I need to get to work and sign up some new contracts (anyone want or need a 3G card – Vodacom, MTN or Cell C – just e-mail me and I can assist you:-) and try get some more moola into the business and into our pockets.

But, besides all that, it is a beautiful sunny day in P.E. and you can see that the season is turning.  Winter is making way to rear its cold head and announce its arrival any day now.  Already the nights are cooler, and the sun is rising later and setting earlier.  I now need to start dressing Baby Girl in warmer clothes for school and make sure I have a jersey or jacket packed in for her.

We’ve started doing time-outs with her and I hate it.  Especially when she cries “mama, mama” and she’s in a time out – it seriously stresses me out.  But, she has to learn that certain behaviour is just not acceptable and we need to teach her how to be a well-balanced, socially adjusted person.  But, the upside is that when she wakes at night now, instead of giving her a bottle, we do a time-out by taking her dummy and taggie away from her to the count of 10 (I count seriously very quickly) and she is now sleeping the best she’s ever slept without having any bottles at night.  She still wakes one or two times a night, but it’s very quick and I’m at last getting some sleep.  The thing is that I almost need to teach myself to sleep again.  Yesterday morning, I lay awake from 03:00 – hubby’s sleeping, Baby Girl is sleeping and I’m just lying awake.  Last night was much better and I only woke up at about 05:30 and only got up for her once, so hopefully as she starts to sleep much better, my body will realise that I too can now sleep, and I’ll start sleeping.  Then I hope that once that happens, I’ll be able to focus on eating properly and start to lose some weight.  You see, when you’re getting up between six and eight times a night, you need all the energy you can get to make it through the day – so I just eat and eat and eat.  Now, if I don’t require as much energy, because I’m sleeping better, perhaps then I can eat less and lose some weight.  I live in hope.

Anyway, I am sure that my car is nearly finished, and I need to get a few things at Checkers so let me sign off by saying, “Viva La Paris“…:-)

The Baby Mama


4 thoughts on “This is my favourite thing…

  1. Training baby to sleep properly is a win for everyone! But I hear you on learning to sleep properly, when I took the knucklehead out of school and didn’t have to wake up at sparrow fart anymore, I couldn’t get myself out of doing so even when my alarm didn’t go off!


    1. Seriously, I feel you. Baby Girl slept until 07:00 this morning, I was awake way earlier than that. Way earlier, but there is this quietness in the early morning that I just love, so there is a part of me that loves it. I make some coffee, have some porridge, read my book and just enjoy some solitude (hubby is usually cycling). However, there is another part of me that would to snuggle in late, especially with winter coming. Baby Girl is sleeping much better though.


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