Baby Girl was Flower Girl…

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… and loved it.  On Saturday we attended my baby (sorry, younger) brother’s wedding.  It was a beautiful day at a beautiful venue in Port Elizabeth, and Baby Girl was their flower girl.  She wore a beautiful little white silk dress with flowers across the bodice.  I tried to put some clips in her hair, but she kept pulling them out and saying “off, off”.  So, I just combed her blonde, curly locks as neatly as I could and left it at that.

I was a bit concerned about how the day would go for two reasons, 1. the wedding was at 11:00 and Baby Girls usual nap time is between 11:30 and 12:00, and 2. Baby Girl’s lunch time is just after 11:00.  So, I packed a small lunch for her and some juice and some tea, which was a good thing as lunch was only served just after 13:00 and then thought I would wing it for the rest of the day.


I needn’t have worried.

Baby Girl loved every moment of it.  From the moment we arrived, to posing for the photographer (we now live in hope that super stardom and immense wealth is on the future horizon for Baby Girl), to walking down the aisle, she loved every moment of it.  And all the guests and the bridal couple loved her.  She really did steal the show.

The highlight for me was seeing her walk down the aisle, all by herself, towards me holding a metal flower to which the two rings were attached with ribbon.  She smiled and said hello to everyone on her way down to me.  It was so very cute.

Then, after the bride arrived, she kept playing peekaboo with those sitting behind us.  At that point I decided to take her outside, it was after all the bride’s day.  And let me just say at this point that my brother looked very dashing and handsome, and the bride looked gorgeous.  They had a beautiful wedding and a beautiful day.

Baby Girl played outside, clapped and said “yay” whenever someone went up to say their speech, which resulted in everyone else clapping too, said “Jesus Amen” when we said grace and generally had a ball.  At about 14:30 she just crashed.  I then took her home and she slept solidly for about two and a half hours, before I had to wake her, give her supper and let her play a little before putting her back down to bed.

It’s very different attending a wedding with a toddler though, both hubby and I missed out on a lot of the service keeping an eye on Baby Girl, and also I had to leave the reception early to take Baby Girl home so she could sleep (fortunately the wedding venue was just down the road from where we live).  But, I am glad that hubby and I could share in my brother’s special day and that Baby Girl was included as well.

We’ve already bugged the photographer for some photos and he has promised to cut us a CD with Baby Girl’s pics on.  How cool is that?

The Baby Mama


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