For my brother…

Trauma Center
Image by NMC Virtual Worlds via Flickr

…you gave us such a huge scare, I think I could throttle you.

On Wednesday, my darling younger brother went for a swim at the beach when a strong current pulled him out – he went under about five times, and was close on passing out each time when he saw his fiancé‘s face and just kept pushing to stay afloat.  Fortunately, he was with friends who saw he was in distress and alerted the life guards, and fortunately, there were life guards on duty.

They brought him out of the water, immediately resuscitated him and called an ambulance.  When I got the call, all his fiancé could tell me was that he was breathing and he was in the trauma unit at Greenacres Hospital.

He was about 40 meters out and his body temperature had dropped to 13 degrees.  They kept him overnight and he was released late last night.

Thank you to the Good Lord above for keeping my brother safe.  When I went to visit him yesterday morning, the nurse told him how lucky he was as they had brought in another guy in his mid-twenties, who also was pulled out at the same spot my brother was, who is not responding to anything.  I can only imagine what that poor guy’s family is going through right now.

But, it is over with now, and he is fine and he is still getting married next week Saturday and Baby Girl is the flower girl – her dress is so cute, I can’t wait to get photos of her at the wedding.

The Baby Mama


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