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I should have a heart-to-heart talk with my mother.  And she’s right.  I’m just a bit of a coward, because I don’t want to hurt my mother’s feelings, but I honestly thought we’d have a lot more support than what we do.  So, I Skype her:

Hi, Mommy – Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I think that Hubby & I will need to find a baby sitter that can help us when we need to go out.  It’s not always fair to take Baby Girl to a place where she can’t really play or isn’t suitable for her, neither is it fair on the people we’re going to, and Hubby & I also never get to have a time out or a break where we can go, just the two of us.  It’s also not fair on you, because you have a very busy life but the result is that Hubby & I are tired, and need just a little mommy & daddy time, which you aren’t always available to help with.  And I feel guilty asking you all the time, knowing that you have such a full life and a lot of teas and stuff to go to.  So, Hubby & I have spoken about it and have decided to find a baby sitter that can help look after Baby Girl when we need to go somewhere.  It obviously won’t be for tomorrow night, but I didn’t want you to find out by accident or think there is something going on.  It’s just we need a little more us time and we’re just not getting any help.  Its nothing personal – I promise, but you’re also very busy and I don’t want to take you away from the things that you’re doing as well.  It makes me feel very guilty.  We’ve heard of two really great baby sitters – we’ll obviously interview them both first and see if we like them first and then just take things from there.  I just thought I’d be open about what we want to do, and so that you know as well.

I”m yet to get a response, but I always feel that honesty is the best policy.  We could have hired a baby sitter on the sly and never have told her, but that wouldn’t have been very kosher.  Anyway, Hubby and I are desperate for a little “us” time.  Very desperate.  In 20 months, we’ve only had one night off and we were at my mom’s place before 07:00 to pick Baby Girl up.  And we do take her with to most places we go to, but just sometimes it’d be nice just the two of us (with the secure knowledge that she is being well taken care of).

Let’s see where this goes – will keep you posted.

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