Ah, the cuteness of life…

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Baby Girl is just adorable at the moment, albeit  with a temper tantrum or two (or three or four).  Hubby and I have to laugh, because she actually tries to make herself cry so she can get something she wants.  But, it is so false and not even close to being a genuine cry.  We just laugh it off and then distract her.

But, besides for calling me “mini mama”, she also now tells us to ssh.  She very politely puts her hands over her mouth and says “sshh” (obviously something she has learnt at school).  Also, hubby and I are not allowed to lie down on the couch or our bed, we must “sit up”.  She actually pushes us into a sitting position and says “sit up”.  Yeah, okay, what can I say?  I have the cutest Baby Girl in all the world.  And she loves sitting on the bar stools around our kitchen counter (obviously with hubby or I standing behind her so she doesn’t fall).  She feels very grown up and chuffed that she’s sitting where mommy and daddy get to sit.

The other day I left my bra on the bed, and she tried to put it on, almost getting it right and said, “boobies”.  Where she got that from, I have no idea, but that is seriously way cute.  And her big thing is to make a “big splash” in the bath (well, not so nice for me who always lands up getting wet and has to mop the floor afterwards, but she’s having fun).

Anyway, it seems that Baby Girl has now settled in at school and it seems like she actually looks forward to going.  I’m sure she would still prefer to be at home with me, though.

Our only concern – and it isn’t really even a big concern – is that she won’t go anywhere without her taggie or dummy.  Both items have to accompany her all the time.  She’s too little now to do something about it, but at some point something will have to be done.  Also, I’m hoping some financing will come through so that we can buy a training potty for her and the bed barriers to get her into a big bed.  I will only start the potty training when the school can help me, but I’d like her to get used to seeing the potty there so she feels comfortable with it when she’s ready for it to be used.  Whew.

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