Just as I thought…

Cover of "Granny"
Cover of Granny

Baby Girl is going through a very “ma-vas” stage.  Not even her Dad could pick her up out of her cot this morning, but she wants nothing to do with her Granny.  And I thought this would happen.  You see, kids gravitate towards those that love them, and make them feel comfortable and happy – even when they’re feeling miserable.  Now, my mother does not want to handle Baby Girl during bath and feeding times, or changing nappy times.  She only wants to play (on her own agenda, I might add), but definitely does not want to be with Baby Girl when she’s having a meltdown or something is wrong.

And the consequence?

Well, Baby Girl has now decided she doesn’t want to be with her either.  You see, you have to walk that path with someone – good or bad – so that they know you will always be there for them, that they can rely on you.  If you only do the fun stuff during the good times, what does that tell them about you being available to assist them during the bad times?  Baby Girl knows that I will always be there for her; she does not have this same sense about her Granny.  And it makes me wonder what type of relationship they’ll have as she grows up.  I had really hoped that my mother would have given Baby Girl more of herself, more time and that they would have been close; that I could have relied on my mother for more assistance with Baby Girl.  But, alas, it is now clearly not to be.

The Baby Mama


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