Let me tell you…

…firstly, about my weekend.  My friend from Pretoria came to visit this weekend and it was so cool to spend some girl time (well, let me rephrase – some ADULT girl time, because Baby Girl is a girl, but constant baby talk isn’t what I call stimulating) together.  We chatted the whole weekend and she took some amazing pics of Baby Girl that were e-mailed through to me bright and early this a.m.

On Friday night we did Pizza for supper and I discovered a chicken tikka pizza that was simply (or is) divine.  In fact, we ordered it for lunch again on Saturday.

On Saturday morning, Baby Girl had her first hair cut.  She was as good as gold, and in fact, didn’t want to go home (I think she’s a typical girl and liked all the pampering).  And then she very politely gave the “lady” (the hairdresser) a hug and the “lady” had to carry her down the stairs.  She’s very cute, my little Baby Girl.  On Saturday afternoon we went to the Oceanarium, which was good to see, even if a little run down.  It’s one of P.E.’s main attractions so it should be well looked after, but alas, I don’t think the government funding comes through quite like it should.  We did manage to see a seal show though, which was pretty awesome.  Baby Girl though is at the stage where she very much wants to do her own thing, so it was a bit tricky focusing on the show and trying to control Baby Girl.  Such fun!

And then my friend flew back yesterday.  Baby Girl woke up this morning asking for her – way cute.

But, one of the highlights of the weekend was that my friend brought down 12 (yes TWELVE) beautiful cup cakes from The Cupcake Lady.  Oh.  My.  Word.  I would consider relocating to Pretoria just for those cupcakes.  We had some cherry cupcakes, a soft serve and chocolate.  Seriously, you have to try those cupcakes – anyone in Pretoria.  And send me some – cause they’re THAT good.

I dropped Baby Girl off at school today and she was not happy to go – she cried and I cried when I got to work. 

But, I think, that is just life.

The Baby Mama


3 thoughts on “Let me tell you…

  1. Sounds like a cool weekend.
    I watched the Dolphin and Seal Show in PE a few years ago with some friends, and we really enjoyed it.
    Nice to know that it’s still going.


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