Dinner Date…

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Right, who would I have to dinner and who would cook?  Interesting question.

  1. I’d have my dear old Ouma who passed away two years ago (three this year in October) – I still miss her.
  2. Sidney Poitier – what an amazing actor and person.  He once said on the Oprah show that he doesn’t see people in colour, people are just people doing the best that they can with what they’ve been given.  A truly wise man indeed.
  3. M. Scott Peck – because his book The Road Less Traveled has had such a profound impact on my life.
  4. Florence Nightingale – because I remember learning about her at school and my Ouma always wanted me to be a nurse.
  5. Leonardo da Vinci – well, after the Da Vinci code and all the questions that raised, I have a few of my own to ask him.

Who would cook – I’d make it a bring your own plate and see what everyone brought to the dinner table.  One thing is for sure – I won’t cook.  Shame, I wouldn’t dare put anyone – dead or alive – through that…:-)

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