Why am I anon?

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I can’t remember if I’ve blogged on this here or on my previous blogs, but here’s the thing – I want to be anonymous so I can be free to say what I want:-)  It’s that simple.

But there is a more important reason.

AS you well know, Hubby and I are going through some major financial battles, and well, the truth is that negative situations lets you know who your real friends are (sad but true).  My real life family and friends only have the tiniest inkling of what is really going on and I don’t really want to burden them with constant negative talk about our lives.  So, Hubby and I don’t really talk about things to family and friends (especially after the comment received from hubby’s sister: its okay to be poor, but we don’t have to talk about it…)  Yes, seriously.  And so we don’t.  And I don’t consider us to be poor – at all – we’re just going through a phase of battling financially that has lasted a lot longer than expected.  But, we are most definitely not poor.

But anyway, this is my outlet – here I can blog and say and think what I like without fear of repercussions.  And that is why I choose to stay anonymous.

But I am under Facebook under Barbara Mamal (not my real name).  And I am thinking of starting a blog under my real name – would be interesting to compare the differences…:-)

Anyway, Baby Girl started her new school today – I have been in tears the whole weekend thinking about this, and I drop her off and she goes to one of the carers, kisses me goodbye and that was that.

Anyway, I’m back at work and this is how our lives go…

The Baby Mama


4 thoughts on “Why am I anon?

  1. I have often contemplated being anon purely for the freedom to say what I want but at this point I need the comments :-p and being anon means I would have to look for a following different to mine!

    I did start one but dont post there often unless I am very very angry!

    YAY for baby girl!


    1. Yeah, don’t know what happened after I left though – pretty cool, they have this app that you download, you get a username and password and you can watch your kids at school. She’ll give the app and passwords this afternoon…


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