How cute is that?

A watering can made of plastic.
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Right, now that the 30 days blogging is over with, I can start to blog about why I started this blog in the first place – Baby Girl.  Seriously, she is so cute at the moment, I wish I could capture the very essence of her in what I write.  Her favourite thing at the moment is to give someone a fright, so she’ll walk up to you – whether you can see her or not is irrelevant – and then go “boo” and give you a fright.  And then she’ll proceed to do that five times in a row and you, of course, have to react accordingly every time.  Seriously, how cute is that?

Even at 06:30 in the mornings when she awakes for the day and I go through to her room to fetch her (while her dad and I desperately try for an extra few minutes of sleep), the first thing she says is “boo”…  Seriously, how cute is that?

The other really cute thing she is doing at the moment is saying “no” to the dogs – even when they’re not even close to her.  And she has to water the garden – she loves to water the garden and get herself all wet in the process.  But, she’ll take my hand, lead me to the sliding door and say “outside” (which sounds more like sshide) and then ask “ta” for the watering can and then lead me to the tap for me to fill said watering can.  Seriously, how cute is that?

And everything is hot – not just hot, but “ghottt”, with a gutteral g and the t’s pronounced.  I mean everything – the stove, the fridge, her juice, the front door, the TV, the dogs, her fruit, her porridge – its all “ghottt”…  Seriously, how cute is that?

But, the cutest has got to be this: we feed our dogs twice a day and the other day, all on her own, she takes her Dad’s hand and leads him to the garage where we keep the dog food.  It is now time to feed the dogs.  So, hubby fills one dog bowl for her to carry and he takes the other dog bowl.  She carries it through the kitchen and about half way puts the bowl down – full of dog food – and scuttles off to her room.  As hubby is about to pick up the bowl, I tell him to wait because I wanted to see what she was up to.  The next thing she comes through with her little stuffed toy dog (also a husky that her dad bought for her when she was a new-born) and proceeds to feed her stuffed Husky dog.  Our real dogs are absolutely salivating because they want their food, but no, Baby Girl has to feed her toy dog first.  Now, her toy dog gets fed twice a day – and she’s done this all on her own.  Seriously, how cute is that?

And finally, we don’t allow her to watch TV during the week.  On weekends its okay – for a little bit – but during the week, we don’t do the TV thing.  However, Baby Girl has discovered that we have many videos of her on our cellphones, so she’ll go “pretty Baba” and then point to either her Dad’s or my cellphone.  Then she’ll sit quietly on our laps and watch these videos – over and over again.  It’s the one activity that can keep her sitting still for at least half an hour and she absolutely loves it.  And then she’ll point to herself in the video and go “pretty Baba”.  Seriously, how cute is that?

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3 thoughts on “How cute is that?

  1. Haha, very nice. My niece did the exact same thing. It became such a habit that now, at 4 years old, it is her standard greeting.
    Instead of ‘hello’ she greets with “Boo Mom” or “Boo Jen” etc.


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