Day 19 → What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

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I find politics amusing – a bunch of adults who have never grown up, playing playground games to manipulate and manoeuvre what they need to in order to get what they want.  But, other than amusing, I don’t really have much interest.  It’s not like my interest will change anything or improve our situation.  I do believe, though, that we have a beautiful country and that if we could change the crime situation, we would be living in one of the most lucrative countries in the world (crime includes corruption at government level).

As for religion, well you all know that I am a Christian, but I don’t consider myself to be religious.  I never go to church and hate people who do, but I know go drinking and swearing and smoking on a Friday night.  Perhaps they are better off than me because they DO go to church.  Anyway, I see a huge difference in being a Christian and living a certain way, and being religions and merely going to church on Sunday.  I try live what I believe – although I am quite sure I fail daily.  But, perhaps going to church wouldn’t be such a bad idea.  Baby Girl will definitely go to Sunday School when she is old enough.

The Baby Mama


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