Day 12 → Something you never get compliments on

'Baby Mama' Filming in Park Slope
Image by Adam Kuban via Flickr

My sense of style – seriously.  I would be quite happy to wear a potato sack every day, because I don’t have to um and ah and fuss about what I am going to wear.  I hate shopping, couldn’t be bothered about clothes, and just go to my cupboard, grab whatever is available and then put it on.  As easy as that.

Now, my mother has style.  She dresses amazingly and is more up-to-date with fashion than what I am.  She often gets complimented on what she wears and how she dresses and she loves shopping and clothes.  I, unfortunately, do not take after my mother in this way.  I would love to, because a well-groomed woman always looks good, no matter how attractive she is (or isn’t).  But, I just couldn’t be bothered.

The Baby Mama


2 thoughts on “Day 12 → Something you never get compliments on

    1. I shouldn’t say I couldn’t be bothered. That’s not quite true – its just that it isn’t a priority. If my mom was in the financial situation I was in, she would still find the money to buy new clothes, get her hair done, etc. Whereas for me that’s the first thing I give up to save money.


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