I’m starting over…

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If you’ll allow me – I knew that tackling these questions would be difficult and would force me to face and confront issues about myself that I hadn’t yet had the courage to do.  But, I can put things slightly more eloquently.

1.  Something I hate about myself:

I hate this negative voice – the way I speak down about and to myself.  It’s always a case of “I can’t”, “I’ll be sick”, “You’re ugly”, etc, etc, etc.  I give this little inner voice way too much power – especially since it speaks total garbage.

2.  Something I love about myself:

That I can see that I am so much more than this inner voice allows me to believe.  That I can see this inner voice for the corrupt nature it has, and work on not allowing myself to listen to this voice and to rather focus on the truth of the situation and of who I am.  Yes, I have a very low self esteem, but that is something I can work on – I can learn to value myself more.  So that Baby Girl can learn to value herself.  And me – especially when she gets to those teenage years.  If I don’t value myself, how can I expect her too?

There – much better.

The Baby Mama


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