1. Something I hate about myself…

Institute of Mental Health 7, Nov 06
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Wow, this is going to be tough.  But, I will take each question as I am ready to answer honestly, so it won’t be a 30 consecutive days.  More like, a “as and when” approach.

Anyway, today, I hate that I battle with anxiety and shyness.  It really limits your life if you give into it, but it takes so much energy and self control to get on top of if.

Other days, I hate that I feel like a fraud and haven’t really accomplished much in this life.  I so want to travel with Hubby and set a foot on each continent.  But, that seems like a pipe dream at the moment.

The Baby Mama


2 thoughts on “1. Something I hate about myself…

  1. This 30 day thing is supposed to be fun, but I think some people may be feeling some hectic pressure to complete it!
    I’m with you on feeling like a fraud…


  2. I understand about the anxiety and shyness.

    I would however like to venture that you need to not feel like a fraud. You have accomplished a beautiful relationship with your hubby – seriously more marriages need to be like yours and in this world when so many haven’t made it I think you deserve more than just a pat on the back for that. And you have a loving little Baby Girl. You’ll get to the travelling bit don’t worry 🙂


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