The Stolen Moments

Last night I snuck into Baby Girl’s room when she was sleeping.  I stood there for a long time just watching her sleep, and then sat on her chair and listened to her rhythmic breathing.  Soft, gentle breaths showing she is relaxed and feeling secure.  What a precious moment.

I went in firstly to show myself that Baby Girl can and does sleep.  But, also to enjoy the quiet solitude of just being with Baby Girl.  One day, she will be all grown up, with babies of her own and I will no longer be welcome into her room to watch her sleep.  She is such a precious and beautiful little girl and I cherish that stolen moment with her last night.  I hope and pray that I get many more before she’s too old and too big to be needing me.

The Baby Mama


2 thoughts on “The Stolen Moments

  1. 🙂 Yes, The loveliness of the sleepy child 🙂

    I sometimes wake up wrapped in so much fear of loss that I find myself rushing to their rooms just to make sure they are still there, and ok..

    And then just stand there for ages watching them drool all angelic like on their pillows.. Makes my heart swell with love (and relief that it was just a nightmare)..



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