Summer is a-coming…

cabana boy
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I’m usually more of a winter person – while I hate getting cold, the thought of wearing skimpy shorts and t-shirts on boiling hot summer days does not bode well with me.  In winter, I can hide my lily-white, baby weight body in stunning jackets, coats, scarves, boots.  Seriously, I love winter fashions.  Summer clothes – I do not.


This year, I am really looking forward to summer.  Yesterday, we took Baby Girl to Sardinia Bay for the afternoon.  Okay, the wind was blowing (we thought it would be more sheltered there) and it was hot.  So, we didn’t stay too long, even though I did cover Baby Girl in Factor 60 Sun block from head to toe.  But, Baby Girl loved it.  She wanted to go swim in the “hoity” (water, meaning the sea).  She played in the sand, she dug sand castles with her dad and simply loved it.  In fact, she didn’t want to go home.  But, being of the same lily whiteness that I am made of, it was best to not spend too much time in the sun.

So, why am I looking forward to summer?

Well, simply because the days with Baby Girl are going to be spent having fun, swimming and enjoying being outside.  She really does enjoy the sea – I think she takes after her dad in this regard who is a total water baby even though he was born in Kimberly.  I am not, and I was born in Port Elizabeth.  Go figure.

Anyway, last year I bought Baby Girl a little pool that has a sheltered part so you can turn the pool away from the sun.  We thought we’d use it this last summer, but she was too small and the weather was too crap.  However, this year it’ll be perfect for her.  And it’ll block out the harsh sun and so she can thoroughly enjoy it.  As I am sure she will.

So, uh, come on Summer come on, come on…

The Baby Mama


2 thoughts on “Summer is a-coming…

  1. I think its awesome that you are planning to have so much fun with your baby girl this summer.. I can’t get my boys out of their bedroom away from their PC’s unless I disconnect the power to their rooms and then they just walk around the house , lost, confused, scared..


    Enjoy, it sounds like fun 😉


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