My Little Angel…

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My little Angel, aka Baby Girl or Madam Fifi, is honestly the cutest little girl filled with so much love.  It has been many occasion now that we’ve been out and about with family and friends that she’ll walk up to a someone in the group – a stranger to her – and just give this person a love.  We had some friends around on Saturday night, one couple I had met the mom through Baby Builder’s but had not met her hubby or have them meet my Hubby.  Anyway, we last saw each other about a year ago (perhaps a little less) and Baby Girl walked up to this mom who was sitting on the floor with her little one and proceeded to give this mom a hug.  And then looked at her and hugged her again.  And then lifted up her shirt and looked at the little boy (who was born a day before Baby Girl) and offered her shirt to him saying “ta”.  Seriously, how cute is that?

Anyway, we started swimming on Saturday again.  We recently had a horrible situation in little old Port Elizabeth where a four-year old Walmer resident drowned in his grandparents pool.  The irony is apparently the water was shallow enough for him to stand in, but somehow this awful tragedy was allowed to happen.  I cannot even begin to comprehend how awful his grandparents must feel to know that this happened in their backyard and my thoughts and prayers are with them.

Anyway, it has made me even more committed to making sure that Baby Girl attends all her swimming classes (even though this means I have to appear in a costume with my lily-white body that still has a couple of baby weight kilograms attached to it).   And while taking your babies for swimming lessons or “drown proofing” may never actually prevent such a tragedy from happening, it does at least give them a fighting chance.  Or… well, I actually can’t even lend my mind to such thoughts.  It distresses me way too much.

But, I digress… whilst at swimming classes and we’re teaching our kids to kick and dig and hang onto the side of the pool, Baby Girl stops in the middle of all this and points to the little girl swimming next to us and says “pretty Baba”.  She also loves doing Humpty Dumpty where she sits on the side of the pool and then throws herself in.  The teacher is very strict and they can only throw themselves in once we’ve got counted to three (they’ve got to learn that they can have all the fun in the world once we’re ready to catch them).

So, I am glad that Baby Girl loved swimming – it’s also a bit of a problem in that she now has no fear of water at all.  But, we will ultimately always have to keep an eye on her (even though we don’t have a pool ourselves).

The other issue we need to deal with is sleep.  Seriously, it is getting out of hand – she is now awake from 23:30 to 04:30, no matter what I do.  I can cuddle, shush, give her water, give her milk or just leave her to cry and nothing helps and Hubby and I are now seriously tired and totally sleep deprived.  The doc has given me some meds to use which I must use in conjunction with sleep training, i.e. if she wakes when using this meds, I must just leave her to learn to settle herself, and not offer her water or milk.  And hopefully within a week we will have broken this non sleep cycle and she will learn to settle herself if she wakes up during the night.  That’s the theory.  I distinctly recall us having done this before, but if we can just get one or two good night’s sleep in, I’d be quite happy with that.

So, my little Angel is a person who loves other people and animals and loves to swim, but hates to sleep.

Oh, and she’s learnt a few new words: doity (water), gogo, donkey, no, on, mine…

The Baby Mama

5 thoughts on “My Little Angel…

  1. Kiara went through a stage like this – of none sleep! It was a KILLER!!!

    My advise is try not indulge her. Try not get up with her etc. Its HARD though!

    Mine can both swim but I still am not comfortable to leave them unattended in the pool. Our house is small enough for them to be in the pool and I can potter around and hear them all the time!


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