The cruelty of mothers…

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My hubby’s sister speaks of the Olympic Moms – moms who are “my baby could speak fluent Russian at four months”, “my baby slept through at 8 weeks”, etc, etc (believe it or not, we actually had someone try tell us their baby could speak Russian fluently at four months.  We didn’t have kids back then, but we certainly didn’t have “gullible” written across our foreheads either.)

Anyway, moms can be the most supportive network you’ll find, because they understand so completely what you’re going through.


They can be the most cruelest and spiteful beings you can ever imagine.  I constantly get lectured on Baby Girl not sleeping through – I mean, she is after all 15 months old (well, nearly 16) already and she should definitely be sleeping through by now.  And she should be speaking in clear sentences.  And I should start potty training her now.  And she should be sleeping in a proper bed, not a cot.

Why do we place these high expectations on other people?  Why?

Here’s my philosophy – I am going to let Baby Girl develop and eventually sleep through in her own time and at her own pace.  I will set a routine for her eating and napping, and the rest of it is up to her.  I’m not going to force her to be something she isn’t or to achieve something that she isn’t quite ready to achieve.  I really don’t care if someone else’s baby started using a straw at six months, and Baby Girl has only just managed that at 15 months.  I mean come on people – there is no gold medal for the Baby Olympics.

I really think we place too much demand on kids – I want Baby Girl to have fun and be who she is before the pressure of society and life get their grips into her when she starts school and enters life in a big way.  While she’s at home, she’ll just be my little Baby Girl.  Of course I worry that I’m doing the wrong thing, but I can’t see how putting pressure on her to achieve certain milestones can be better for her.

I really wish that people and moms specifically will realise that each baby is different.  People are different.  And that is exactly how the good Lord above intended it to be.

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5 thoughts on “The cruelty of mothers…

  1. Kiara started sleeping through about 6 months ago – she is 6 :-p OK the divorce and all that didn’t help but still.

    I have never really paid much attention to other mothers or to milestones etc. As long as the paed was happy I was happy.

    But you are so right mothers are each others worst enemies!


  2. Good for you!!! For some reason there is always this ‘competition’ game that some mom’s want to play. I learned this early on with my sister in law. Our son’s are 3 weeks apart and from the day they were born it was a competition. We would be talking about what the babies were doing and if I said mine did this or that she immediately responded with well mine did that 2 weeks ago etc. It was so tiresome and my husband and I got to the point where we just didn’t talk to them about our kids anymore or if we did it was kept short and sweet. It drives me crazy that moms push their kids to do so much..why not just let them be and learn at their own pace. They have the rest of their lives to follow rules and do this and that at this specific time..let them be kids!


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