Our Weekend Away…

Central Cape Town from Lions Head
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I have a daughter who loves birds.  She can spot a bird a mile off and then goes “birdie, pretty birdie” and hisses at them.  I’m not quite sure I get the hissing part, but to say she loves birds is a bit of an understatement.

Anyway, so off we go this weekend to spend some time with Hubby’s parents and on Saturday we took Baby Girl to Bird’s of Eden just outside Plettenberg Bay.  Wow – was it awesome.  Baby Girl shouted Birdie a gazillion times, hissed another gazillion and loved every moment of being at Bird World.  We have also discovered that she’s a bit fearful of heights.  When we walked on the lower ramps she was fine, as soon as we went a bit higher up, she started clinging to us a little.  Not badly, I think she’s just a bit cautious.

Anyway, I’m jumping all over the place – we arrived on Friday at Mountain View Guest Lodge just outside Storm’s River.  It’s a Protea Farm and all their Protea are exported – I have never seen such a beautiful variety of Protea in my life.  And on Friday the weather started – not too cold, just really overcast and very wet.  And as I am sure you all know by now, Baby Girl is not a sleeper.  She slept for half an hour in the car on the way down, and I eventually got her to sleep again at about 17:00.  Whew.

The accommodation we stayed in was immaculate – and I was quite touched when the owners brought through a baby bath, and some baby towels and bedding.  They were really quite amazing.

On Saturday we went to Bird’s of Eden and managed to get Baby Girl to sleep for about an hour in the car on the way back.  She loved spending time with her Cape Town granny who bathed her every night and helped me feed her.  It really is so important to me that Baby Girl has a good relationship with both sides of the family.

So, Sunday rolls around and still it is raining.  We eventually opt to go to Plett and walk through one of the shopping centres.  Trying to keep a 15 month old toddler in a small log cabin for the entire day because it is raining is no easy feat.  So, off to Plett we went.  And time being what it is, we were there over lunch time and took Baby Girl for her very first meal out to Spur.  She loved it.  They brought a high chair for her, plus she had a toy and I ordered some chicken nuggets with chips.  She didn’t like the chips, but she loved the chicken nuggets.

And then on Monday home again.  And because of the lack of sleep, and the eventual weekend, Baby Girl became a little overwhelmed on the way home and the last 10 or 15 minutes in the car was spent with a crying baby.  Seriously, that was her whole distress the entire weekend – for someone who had such little sleep, she really did very well.

When we got home, I put her in her cot and she slept for almost two hours.  She was a tired little girl.  And oh man she really is so cute now.

So, that’s the story of our weekend away.  On Saturday we start swimming which means I have to put this lily-white body of mine into a bathing suit.  Hmmm.  Not much comment there.

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