My Plans…

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I am really looking forward to this weekend – hubby’s parents are treating us to a weekend away so that they can see us and get to spend some time with Baby Girl.  We’re going to a place just outside Storm’s River on a Protea Farm – how exciting.

And while the lack of sleep is still an issue, I have got to tell you how cute Baby Girl is at the moment.  This blog, is after all, supposed to be about her…

She’s the only baby I know of who will hug a cellphone because there is a picture of a Baba on it (of course, it’s even cuter because it’s a picture of her).

When she hears an aeroplane flying overhead, she gasps and covers her mouth with her hand.

Or when she walks past the stove and oven, she goes “its hot” in the cutest little voice you can imagine.

I’ve really battled over the last couple of months of being a mommy – the first year of Baby Girl’s life was easy.  She stayed in one place.  But since she started walking, I have found my whole world upside down.  I’ve always been the kind of person to just focus on one thing – let me get this done, and then I can focus on this or that.  Like having breakfast.  In one place.  At one time.  Its been a battle.  It can easily take half an hour to eat two slices of toast (one would think I would have lost all my baby weight by now), because Baby Girl is fully mobile but not yet old enough to be left alone for couple of moments.  And sometimes I find myself thinking that if only she can sit still for five minutes, I can quickly eat my breakfast (or take a shower, or whatever) and then all my attention is hers.  Seriously, she has to go with me to the loo – we have a closed door policy in our house, so this has been a huge adjustment but its a choice between that and a crying baby who just wants her mama.

But, you know what?  My battle has been aggravated by the lack of sleep and if I was 15 months and only just walking for three months, you can bet your bottom dollar I’d be walking pretty much everywhere too.

So, my life has changed even more now that she’s walking.  But,I wouldn’t change it for anything in all the world.  I think my focus was off, and when I look at her and how cute she is, who cares if it takes me half an hour to eat my toast?  Seriaaassssly!!!!

Oh, and the cutest is when I take her for walk to the park and the rule is she has to hold my hand (or her Dad’s) when in the road.  Her hand is so little that she can just manage to grasp two of my fingers, but she’s very good – she holds my hand while we walk to the park and then she runs and chases the birds.  She really loves birds and can spot them far easier than what her Dad or I can.

So, the plans for the weekend are this:

  • Leave Friday after her 10:00 yogurt – she will then hopefully have her day nap in the car while we travel down.
  • Arrive at hour destination just in time for lunch.
  • Settle in – unpack and have a great weekend with Granny and Granddad from Cape Town.
  • Pack up on Monday and leave just after her 10:00 yogurt so that she’ll hopefully have a nap in the car on the way back.

Seriously, last night I was watching my hubby and Baby Girl and just realised once again how completely and totally and amazingly blessed I am.  Yes, life is hectic and its been a huge adjustment for me – one of the issues you need to deal with when you have children later in life, I suppose.

I love my husband.  And I love my Baby Girl.  More than anything in the entire world.

The Baby Mama


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