My European thing…

Beach, Port Elizabeth
Image by exfordy via Flickr

Today is the most gorgeous day in Port Elizabeth that you can ever imagine – not a breath of wind (which is odd for this time of year, considering we usually have winds so strong they uproot trees at this time of year), it is about 27 degrees with a gorgeous blue sky and not a cloud in sight.  I’m sitting outside this little café called The Roast Master Café eating a toasted sandwich and sipping an Appletiser.  Okay, if it was truly European I’d be having coffee, but it is simply just too hot today for that.

Any how, I’m having lunch while my car is being bathed – it is really in dire need of some cleaning and with us going away this weekend, I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to have my car cleaned.

I’m also being treated to a full hour Swedish body massage this afternoon – I can’t wait (courtesy of Hubby and Baby Girl for my birthday earlier this month).  Its been a very long time since I’ve had the opportunity of just treating myself to something nice.  Oh, and I get a pedicure as well.  Oh, la la – it’s going to be so nice.

Then off to The Crazy Store to buy some inexpensive toys to keep Baby Girl occupied in the car on Friday and then home.  Tomorrow after work I’ll go do the grocery shopping for our trip and tomorrow night we’ll pack and then on Friday morning we’ll pack Baby Girl’s things and the car.  Hopefully we’ll be on the road by just after 10:00.  It really is going to be so great – I just hope the weather holds up.  I’d hate to be stuck in a log cabin with Hubby’s parents, the two of us and a 15 month old Toddler in a small log cabin for the entire weekend.  No, we’re going to have beautiful weather the whole weekend (lots of thumb holding going on here).

Anyway, the whole atmosphere at this shopping centre and café is very festive – they’re having the Homeowners Expo downstairs in the parking lot so there is a lot of activity going on and the whole feel of today brings back such strong nostalgic memories of being in Europe with Hubby.  That was 2002, but I remember it like it happened yesterday.  I really do long to travel with Hubby and to put a foot on each continent – with Baby Girl.  Well, and perhaps Baby Girl’s future sibling if we are so blessed to have another.

Anyway, my car should be finished soon – so I’ll be off.  If I get a chance to blog before the weekend, I’ll chat to you then.  Otherwise you’ll hear all about the weekend when I get back to work on Tuesday.

The Baby Mama


2 thoughts on “My European thing…

  1. I am very lucky in that my Glugs and I can now travel if and when we want to without worrying about Damien! He’s old enough to be left home alone when we’re away and my Glugster wants to show me the world!


    1. On the one hand, I can’t wait for that time to come. On the other, I want to keep Baby Girl as small and as precious as she is right now forever. 🙂 Guess I can’t have it both ways, hey???


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