100 Things….

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After my last post “For my husband“, I started thinking, what else in my life am I truly grateful for.  What is there that I like, love, adore and simply cannot do without?

Well, here’s my list:

  1. My husband
  2. My Baby Girl
  3. My home
  4. My Dogs
  5. My Mommy
  6. Skype – so I can chat to one of my all time best friends, Jane. HAHAHAHA (don’t worry, my friend will get the joke)
  7. Coffee
  8. Red Wine
  9. Marmite Toast
  10. Reading
  11. Movies
  12. Having Baby Girl give me a love first thing in the morning
  13. Sleep – something I have not truly experienced in 14 months
  14. My hubby who makes supper every night AND helps me clean up afterwards
  15. Baby Girl saying “up” when she wants to be picked up and saying “up” when she wants to be put down
  16. Roast chicken
  17. My Dad
  18. My brothers
  19. My hubby’s parents
  20. Walks along the beach (I could do without PE’s wind though:-)
  21. Seeing Baby Girl chase the birds and then not understand why they fly away from this little 15 month old terror on two legs
  22. Seeing Baby Girl call the moon “lightie”
  23. The rain that we’ve had over the last couple of days
  24. Seeing Baby Girl take her doll and love it, she hugs it, pats it on the back and then gives it to me to love – seriously, how cute is that?
  25. Supporting hubby in his business adventures
  26. Supporting hubby in his sport (not always possible at the moment, though)
  27. God
  28. My faith
  29. Christianity
  30. Wine club
  31. Chocolate cake with caramel topping and 100’s and 1000’s on top
  32. Did I mention coffee?
  33. Sitting at a coffee shop, having a delicious cappuccino, with hubby and chatting about all the places we’d like to travel to
  34. My new laptop (a gift from Hubby and oh so very nice)
  35. My cellphone – its red and I love red.
  36. My car – wow, we had to buy a bigger car when I was pregnant with Baby Girl and the little Citi Golf Chico wasn’t even big enough to put the pram in, never mind the car seat and everything else.  The big plus for me though is that the Honda has aircon, which the golf didn’t have.  I love my car (it’s almost two years old already, and it has to last us the next ten years, but I love my car).
  37. Thandi who looks after Baby Girl during the day while I’m at work – she is such a great blessing.
  38. My hubby who has given me an afternoon job so that I can help improve our finances.
  39. I love my afternoon job – not so keen on the morning one though.
  40. My friends
  41. My family – immediate and extended
  42. My new addiction to Twitter – thanks “Jane” from Skype.
  43. Blogging
  44. And my new blog on WordPress.
  45. The fact that somehow, miraculously, we have made it through the month financially.  Somehow – through God’s grace (although it would be really nice for the financial struggle to be over with, please).
  46. The kindness of strangers
  47. A friend who is also battling financially who bought me the most delightful birthday gift – and I forgot hers.
  48. Hearing Baby Girl knock on the bathroom door because I’m in there and she wants to be with me.
  49. Knowing that Baby Girl loves me completely, totally and without reservation (okay, wait until she’s 13), but for now I’m her whole world.
  50. My dear old Ouma who passed away three years ago this October.  I still miss her and think about her often.  I really wish she could have met Baby Girl, but I do believe she knows all about her and is watching over her.
  51. My mom who helps with baby sitting and looking after Baby Girl when hubby and I need to go somewhere
  52. Public holidays
  53. Braai’ing
  54. Lamb chops
  55. Childhood memories (well, the happy ones, at least)
  56. Swimming
  57. Walking the dogs
  58. The DSTV decoder and dish that my mom bought for us a couple of years ago when there was nothing to watch on SABC or e-TV (they at least at M-Net which we didn’t have).
  59. The fact that we’ve been able to afford the compact option on DSTV – thank heavens for some down time in front of the TV
  60. The Bible
  61. My hubby who is going to be such an amazing success – and me right alongside with him.
  62. Eating
  63. A nice cup of sweet tea
  64. The support we’ve had for Baby Girl – someone gave us a cot, someone else a pram, someone else a compactum, we got lots of clothes, someone else bought us bedding and a donut, etc, etc, etc.  We wouldn’t have been able to do all that needed doing without the support and love of family and friends.  Thank you.
  65. Friends
  66. A sense of humour
  67. Learning to relax and take each day one step at a time (I want to always rush ahead to get everything done, but life doesn’t work like that)
  68. Baby Girl holding my hand when she wants to take me somewhere
  69. Lying in hubby’s arms at night when we go to bed
  70. Having hubby cuddle me when I get back into bed after getting up to see to Baby Girl during the night
  71. Knowing like I know that there are big things on the horizon for hubby – watch this space.
  72. Knowing that there is so much love and goodness in this world – sometimes we’ve got to look for it, but it is there.
  73. God’s grace
  74. Knowing that God loves me.  Just simply loves me.
  75. Hubby’s wisdom – just talking to him makes me feel so much better about so many things
  76. God’s wisdom – I really do need to read the Bible more.
  77. Being able to think about these things – considering what life is really all about.
  78. Growing up in the 80’s – what an awesome era
  79. Sexy lingerie … say no more.
  80. That my satisfaction is of the utmost importance to Hubby
  81. That hubby agreed to have Baby Girl when he really didn’t want to have children, but knew it was something that I needed to do – thank you
  82. Our upcoming holiday in Plett – my mom’s boss decided he wasn’t going to use his timeshare in Plett, and so we get to go.  For a whole week – I can’t wait.
  83. Going away with hubby’s folks next weekend
  84. Having a good relationship with hubby’s parents – it’s very important to me that Baby Girl have a good relationship with both sides of the family
  85. That everything in my life is exactly as it should be
  86. That God’s grace reaches the very darkest depths of who I am
  87. Clothes
  88. Make-up
  89. Shoes – oh, I love shoes
  90. Jackets – another thing that I love
  91. And yes, handbags
  92. The colour red – I love red.  I have a red cellphone,wallet, handbag… need I say more.
  93. Living in a safe and secure complex
  94. Being free to be a Christian
  95. Living close to a good school for Baby Girl
  96. Summer
  97. Christmas
  98. New Year’s eve parties
  99. Writing
  100. Love

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