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We have been having a horrendous time with Baby Girl the last two nights.  She’s got an ENT infection, with mucous in her lungs and well, she’s gone a little mutant with not feeling well.  I honestly take my hat off to single moms – because I don’t know how I would cope without my Hubby’s support.  So, for my hubby, I thought I’d list 100 things about him that I love, like and really admire. 

  1. He has the most amazing blue eyes – it’s the first thing I noticed about him.
  2. He has the most gorgeous smile.
  3. A wicked sense of humour.
  4. He listens to me – he doesn’t find my intelligence or world view threatening at all (like most of the guys I dated before we met).
  5. He cooks.  And really well.
  6. He cleans.
  7. He reads.
  8. He enjoy Science Fiction – books or movies.
  9. He loves vampire movies almost as much as what I do.
  10. He loves his animals.
  11. He’ll stop to help an injured stray dog.
  12. He has his South African colours for spear fishing.
  13. He loves the sea – even though he grew up in Kimberly.
  14. He has friends that he has known since he was a toddler – and they still keep in contact today (that’s almost 40 years of friendship).
  15. He comes from a stable, well-functioning family.
  16. He is very protective of his family.
  17. He is a believer.
  18. He did the Iron Man.
  19. He cycles.
  20. He must just complete his dissertation and then he is an MBA graduate.
  21. He lived overseas for a year (before we met, but he went even though he didn’t know anyone over there).
  22. He always makes sure that everyone has a drink – wherever we go.
  23. He has an entrepreneurial spirit – he has successfully run his own business since his retrenchment in 2005.  Although we’re still battling financially, I have no doubt he will one day be a huge success.
  24. He is an awesome kisser.
  25. Yes, he definitely does know what he is doing in that department:-).
  26. My favourite place in the entire world is lying in his arms at night after we’ve gone to bed.
  27. He is ambitious.
  28. He agreed to have Baby Girl even when he really didn’t want to have children – because he could see it was something I needed to do.
  29. He gets on well with people – all people from all walks of life.
  30. He knows who he is.
  31. He enjoys time out with the boys, but would much rather spend that time with me.
  32. He researches any and everything before he attempts it.
  33. He talks to people – asks their opinion, gets feedback, discusses things, he enjoys people.
  34. He combs our dogs regularly.
  35. He is on poop patrol in our backyard.  And doesn’t mind.
  36. He helps out with Baby Girl whenever he can.
  37. He cooks while I bath Baby Girl and get her ready for bed.
  38. He cleans the bath while the food is cooking and I’m drying Baby Girl and getting her dressed.
  39. He then helps me clean the kitchen after we’ve eaten.
  40. He admires the fact that I can be in the room with Baby Girl while she is screaming for whatever reason.
  41. Seeing Baby Girl upset or ill distresses him.
  42. He is well read – he used to read so much, his mother used to take the books away from him so that he could go outside to play.
  43. He bought his sister two cats after her divorce.
  44. He would love to do any cycle race or extreme sport race with his brother.
  45. He is deeply fond of his mother.
  46. He can’t sit still – he is always exploring, thinking, understanding.
  47. Whenever we travel somewhere by car, we always chat – in fact, we love travelling by car for that very reason.
  48. He is patient.
  49. He is kind.  He is one of the kindest people I know.
  50. He treats people fairly.
  51. He respects people.
  52. He will always give someone a second chance – even when other people wouldn’t.
  53. He will look after Baby Girl some mornings so that I can sleep in a bit.
  54. He’ll go to the shops to buy whatever we need, when I simply don’t have the energy to do that (like buying milk for Baby Girl when we had run out).
  55. He snores when he’s had too much to drink.  It’s very cute.
  56. Keeping fit and healthy is very important to him.
  57. He loves chocolate and can’t stay away from eating any chocolate in the house.
  58. He loves peppermint tea.
  59. He likes my friends.  Well, most of them, anyway.
  60. He always encourages me to develop myself further – write, run my own business, exercise.
  61. He believes in my potential.
  62. He loves me.  Totally, completely and amazingly.
  63. He’ll do anything for me – even give up a job he loves if I felt threatened by it.
  64. Or give up cycling – if I ever felt the need to ask him to do that.
  65. He enjoys taking me out for supper – doesn’t happen very often at the moment, but we enjoy it when we do go out.
  66. He reads people really well – I’m a bad judge of character and will always ask his opinion.  And he has NEVER been wrong.  EVER.
  67. He can be quite naughty and mischievous.
  68. He would like to own a wolf sanctuary.  And have a pack of wolves on our land – perhaps one day he should do that.
  69. He’s not scared of anything.  It’s so amazing to see when I’m scared of just about everything.
  70. He tries to live his life to the full.
  71. He adores his niece (his sister’s baby).
  72. He doesn’t get jealous of people with money, but rather those living differently – like his friend who is captain of a surf boat in Thailand.  Or his other friend who is going to climb Kilimanjaro in November.
  73. He would love to take me overseas to experience a white Christmas.
  74. He would love to live overseas.  Anywhere, as long as it’s with me.
  75. He would love to get his pilot’s licence.  I looked into this and it’d cost R100 000 minimum – perhaps one day when I win the Lotto, I’ll give that as a gift to him.
  76. He enjoys photography – he has a really nice camera, but seldom finds the time these days to enjoy this hobby.
  77. My satisfaction is very important to him.
  78. He organised a new cellphone for me when I had flushed my other one down the toilet by accident (long story).
  79. He bought me a laptop.  A very nice, swanky one.
  80. Life with him is never boring.
  81. He likes my mom.
  82. He gets on well with my dad.
  83. He was very good with my Gran when she was still alive.
  84. He allows me to deal with my anxieties in my own way and yet still lets me see things objectively.
  85. He knows things – he has amazing general knowledge.
  86. He is very, very intelligent.  Probably the most intelligent person I know.
  87. He speaks Afrikaans really well – in fact, when he was younger, people thought he was Afrikaans because he spoke it so well.
  88. He is Catholic.
  89. He is the kind of person I would love my kids to grow up like.
  90. He is gentle.
  91. He put my cellphone on charge the other night when I was battling with Baby Girl and forgot to do it.
  92. He’ll cover me with a blanket if I fall asleep in front of the TV (which happens often these days).
  93. He’ll make me toast when I’m hungry.
  94. He’ll buy strawberries and cream for a treat, because its one of my favourites.
  95. He loves me even though I haven’t yet lost all my baby weight.
  96. He loves cats.
  97. He’ll never intentionally harm or hurt another living creature.
  98. He has faith.
  99. He’ll spot whales or dolphins in the water long before anyone else.
  100. He is the most amazing man I know.

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