I can’t forget.

I am sitting here in front of the TV and I cannot get this new family drama out of my mind.  I chatted to my niece a little earlier, and I can hear how drained she is.  I really wish I could help, but my first priority is my own family and Baby Girl.  Do you know that at 13 years of age my niece has to cook, clean, feed her two-year old half-sister, she changes all her nappies, baths her and if she cries during the night, my niece at her young and tender age has to get up and see to her.  When I was 13, all I was worried about was would a boy like me or not.  Seriously, I feel so powerless, but I think the best think I can do is to offer her all the love and support I can and allow her to deal with the situation.  Unfortunately, she has had to grow up way before her time and I hope and pray that one day she will become the kind of person that will use all that she has been through to find happiness for herself, her own family one day and those around her.  God does move in mysterious ways and He does use all things to our good – even though they are very painful at the time.

AS for her mom, my brother’s ex-wife, well, she can go to some place that’s really hot and miserable.  Actually, no, I would want for her to one day just feel all the hurt and pain that she has caused others.  I think that would be punishment enough.

Tomorrow’s post will be a happy one – I’ll blog about how wonderfully Baby Girl has slept through tonight and how when I brought her through to our bed, she gave me a love and gave her dad a love and how absolutely cute she is.

The Baby Mama


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