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On doubt

On doubt

As far as you (and I) are concerned I have no doubt that the fear you mention is simply a temptation of the devil, an effort to keep us away from God by despair. It is often the devil working through some defect in our health, and in extreme cases it needs a medical as well as a spiritual cure. Continue reading

  • The String Okay, here’s the thing – forgive me for going on about this, but I look terrible at the moment, and want to get back into shape.  Well, mostly I do.  I would just like to do it without any anxiety. Anyway, imagine if you will a long piece of string.  And that is the basis of anything – in other words, this is the ideal of any situation.  So, pertaining to my previous post, the ideal would be to eat healthy meals, three times a day and a perfect portion size, and weighing well within my BMI range. And then life happens. Someone comments about you not eating and you tie a knot in the string. And then someone teases you about being too skinny – and there is another knot. And then your mother takes you to the doctor for being anorexic – and another knot in the string. And then you start feeling anxious and battle to eat, and so another knot appears. Do you see what I am getting at – eventually you land up with a knotted mess of string, which is nowhere near your baseline – or the foundation of what is considered to be good and healthy. And what I am trying to do now is trying to unknot or untie one knot at a time.  And it is a process – and it will take time, but I hope and pray to get back to that straight piece of string (even if it may have kinks in from the knots). I hope this analogy isn’t too cryptic.  But it does explain the journey I am embarking on – and my goal is to get back to where I need to be.  To be true to who the good Lord made me to be. The Baby Mama
  • Baby Girl had us all in hysterics last night.  I was crying with laughter so much, I had to stop just so I could breath.  Seriously, first, please remember that Baby Girl has just turned three.  So, last night, my mom and I sit down to supper with Baby Girl (Hubby was out cycling), and I ask Baby Girl to say grace.  She holds my hand, and holds her Granny's hand, lowers her head, closes her eyes and says, "Lord, please make my an instrument of your peace.  Amen."  I didn't realise they'd be studying St. Francis of Assisi at school at her tender age.  But, both my mom and I were seriously giggling. So the mood was jovial with lots of laughter.  And out of the blue, she starts to sing, "I like to move it, move it."  I'm not sure where she got that from, but I take Hubby's iPad and do a search for the song and eventually find it to play to her.  Both Baby Girl and Granny are dancing and as I have the rhythm of a dead toad, my excuse was that I needed to hold the i-Pad (seriously, the rhythm is sorely lacking...:-().  So, when she has finished her little dance, she comes over to look and sees Tom and Jerry advertised in the corner, and getting all excited shouts, "I want to see Tohm and Jelly".  Needless to say, both my mom and I almost collapsed into gales of laughter.  Baby Girl laughed with and when I could catch my breath, I was able to correct her.  She has a good sense of humour so took it quite well. It was very, very funny.  I'm still having giggles about it now! Anyway, look out for post 2 - the dreaded four letter word, "diet". The Baby Mama
  • It is my darling little girl’s third birthday today.  I cannot believe that three years has gone since Baby Girl has entered into our lives.  And changed things for ever.  And she has brought us so much joy and laughter in these three years (and lots of stress and sleepless nights), but her Dad and I wouldn’t change her for the world.  Or change the fact that we changed our minds from not wanting children to now having the most beautiful little girl with a great sense of humour and soft gentle heart, but who – a the same time – is strong and feisty.  She is beautiful with gorgeous blonde hair, and big blue eyes and a naughty mischievous smile.  She still sees everything in colours – as in she is having a yellow birthday, I will have a pink birthday and her daddy will have a blue birthday.  And her name is yellow, my name is pink and her dad’s name is blue.  And if you ask her how her day was, she will say she had a yellow day, I had a pink day and her daddy had a blue day. Now she’s also added numbers to that – in that she’s number three, I am number two and her dad is number one (she’s so right about that).  And let me just get it wrong – she will very effectually correct me and tell me that Daddy is number one, Mommy is number two and she is number three.  And that is just how it should be – in my humble opinion.  She’s just expressing God’s design for a family – just gotta love it. Yesterday morning she had a bad morning waking up – I suppose none of us are over the moon about waking up early in the cold and having to get ready for school (or in my case – work), but anyway, she woke up and refused to go back to bed.  So, I brought her through to lie on the couch while I had breakfast and she fell asleep on the couch.  Seems she just wanted to be close to her mommy and when I went to wake her to get her ready for school – she says to me, “I just want to sleep for five more minutes.”  Seriously.  I cannot get her to sleep when I need her to, and I cannot get her to wake up when I need her to.  Seriously.  I kid you not. Anyway, here’s wishing our precious little Baby Girl every happiness and love and joy in the world today that should be hers. Lots of love from Daddy and the Baby Mama
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